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Egnater Artist: Sphynx — Guitarist for XNO


The earliest sensation I remember is cold , the complete and utter cold of my grave. The shadows of the dark past behind me.  After getting over the shock of becoming undead I realized what I missed most was the steady rhythmic beating of my heart.

That inner symphony. In the daylight hours, hidden in my darken cave, before the sleep of death over takes me, that is when I miss it most. The silence drove me crazy, drove me to find something to fill the emptiness. For a millennia I skulked through dinning halls, creep through discos, and found some release with the thrum and thrash and the electrifying energy. But again this is only a temporary fix. Until the day came when I did find the cure for my emptiness. From that day on the one thing that has never left my side and takes me to places that I never thought I would go is my AXE. The thick vibrations instantly filled me, sated that desire and it felt like home. Then came XNO. That is were I found my home. I am no longer looking for that place of belonging. I am not the out cast that has no place to go.  It is here were my inner thoughts are able to come out and see the world for what it is.  For now I can communicate with the rest of the planet with the sound and words through one of SO CAL elite bands. XNO

Settling for nothing less than mind-blowing-gut-wrenching-wake-up-in-the-morning-still-rocking-out entertainment; XNO is committed to bringing all within ear shot into the XNO Alliance. And this isn’t hard to do with their high energy show that spills off the stage to touch the audience…literally! Though several of their performances have been aired live world wide, both in audio and video format through the internet, nothing quite compares to the experience of a live show.  

XNO has steadily risen in popularity throughout Southern California due in part to an interactive live show that strives to be an unforgettable visual experience; engaging the audience from the stage and the floor while regularly playing with high profile bands and other popular local bands. With a growing fan base at every show, THE XNO ALLIANCE has amazed the band with their support, making their performances that much more intense and intimate.

Being a staple of the So Cal music scene, the road to success means keeping a constant presence in the media. The guys have found themselves featured on popular internet radio stations and webzines.

Currently XNO is working on their next EP which is being recorded and produced by Mark Kendall of "GREAT WHITE". They have finished their first full length CD titled "Live Again", yet found it difficult to translate the passion and power of their live show onto the recorded platform. So far these CD’s have been met with positive feedback and reviews, and it is this type of response that drives XNO to go to the next level.
We would like to thank all the companies that have supported us on our journey... Tregan guitars, Electro-Voice microphones, TV Jones pickups, Egnater Amps, B-52 Guitar Amps, Inc., Coffin case, On Stage Stands, Microphome, Spider Energy, Rock n Roll ind., Pick World, Pick Grips, NADY, Ultimate Support Stands, Levy's, and Rock-N-Roll Gangstar, Superior Vocal Health, and Hard/Karen West Designs..XNO would not have been able to make it this far. But mostly the bands gratitude goes to you, the loyal fans and believers who make up the THE XNO ALLIANCE... Without you, this would not be possible.......


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