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Egnater Artist: Randy Scott — 2010 Guitar Center King of the Blues

Egnater Artist: Randy Scott

"Egnater finds my sweet spot for tone. It is easy to dial a robust clean sound for my rhythm settings, and when I am pushing my amp with a lot of gain for my lead sound it retains the articulate clarity of the notes, and that is so important to my sound.
"Egnater is tone to worship"....

Randy was born and raised in blue collar Detroit, Michigan - Motown, a city steeped in a rich musical tradition.

Randy was surrounded by rhythm and music from an early age.  His mother played piano in the Pentecostal church which always had lively music. His father was a hardworking Ford Motor factory man who just happened to love the "blues."  

"As far back as I could remember, he'd come home from work and spin those records," Scott recalled.  They would listen to the music of legends like Charlie Patton, B.B. King, John Lee Hooker, Ray Charles and Big Mama Thornton.

Randy started playing guitar around 11 or 12.  He started to get serious when he attended the Guitar Institute (G.I.T.) and poured his soul into music. After struggles and frustration with the music business he stopped playing completely and sold every guitar he had. 

Nine years later he wandered into a Guitar Center. A store manager heard Randy riffing on a guitar and suggested he enter into the King of the Blues competition, the nationwide search for the next great undiscovered blues guitar player. Randy entered and ended up advancing beyond thousands of other guitarists to be named winner of Guitar Center's 4th annual King of the Blues.

Now, Blues/rock guitarist Randy Scott has stormed back to the music scene with a fiery style and virtuosity seldom seen before. Scott has fast become the new guitar gunslinger from out of nowhere onto the pages of Guitar World Magazine

"Extremely Tasteful" says Brad Tolinkski, Editor-in-Chief of Guitar World Magazine

“Randy Scott put on a tremendous performance—one that we'll remember for years to come. He definitively earned the title of King of the Blues."  Dustin Hinz, Director of Music and Entertainment Marketing for Guitar Center.

Randy is now endorsed by Gibson, Egnater, Ernie Ball, Roland/Boss and Xotic Effects. 

Randy is now working on his debut album and instructional DVD to be released in spring 2011 with supporting tour!


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