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Egnater Artist: Jeff Sahyoun — Musican, Lead Guitarist

Egnater Artist: Jeff Sahyoun

"For me, it wasn't even a choice; it was Egnater, all the way. The equilibrium of warmth and power is unsurpassable, and the wide spectrum of sound keeps my heels dug into the stage while my fingers can stay loose, knowing that the amp I have will pick up every strum, harmonic, and nuance that all other amps strive to phase out. This is Jeff Sahyoun, and this is all Egnater."

Check out Let Live rockin' it on KTLA as part of the Sunset Strip Music Festival >> Watch

From the swamps of New Jersey to the streets of Los Angeles, CA, Jeff Sahyoun has made a reputation for his projects through his own indomitable passion for music itself. Jeff's talent and dedication stemmed not through a scene of any kind, but solely from an honest desire to express himself; the element of music that makes it transcendent and universal.

From writing songs on toilet paper from his academic prison, to spending every waking and slumbering moment purging rhythm, notes, melody, and lyrics into audio files, establishing himself as a formidable audiophile both nationally and internationally.

As though a decade of incessant recording and relentless touring weren't enough; enter letlive.. Easily the closest entity to rival the anticipation of the Second Coming, the grueling combination of Sahyoun and letlive….says it all. 20ll.

Find Jeff online:


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