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Egnater Artist: Felix Martin — Pioneering Musician, plays a custom 14-string guitar
Egnater Artist: Felix Martin

Felix Martin has become a pioneer of a style of playing for his custom-made instrument called the 14-string guitar.  He is known for his abilities to compose innovative, highly complex music and for his personal techniques at playing two-handed tapping on the guitar.

Originally from Venezuela, Felix moved to the United States after graduating from high school to attend the prestigious Berklee College as a scholarship winning performer. During that time, Felix studied music theory, sound engineering, self-produced his first album before turning 20, composed music for video games, transcribed every kind of music he could get his hands on (including speaking human voices), and played a wide range of music including Prog-Rock, Jazz, Latin, Electronica, Pop, World, and much more.

Felix in known for developing a flexible way to play the 14-string guitar, which is the same as playing two 7-string guitars at the same time but having both guitars on one wide neck in standard tuning. He has his own system of chords, including deep sounding 8-finger chords, accompaniment methods, slap-tapping techniques, chord-melody, intervallic soloing, and lead soloing played with both fret boards.

Along with a life of performing, Felix has also gained experience as a teacher and clinician. He teaches several of his own methods for guitar and music theory such as slap method, two-handed tapping techniques, odd meters, polyrhythms, metric modulation, jazz rock improvisation, and more. He has also developed his own written method for each of these subjects.

Felix currently tours with his trio and also other artists of various genres. He is working as a session musician as well as a recording, mixing, and mastering engineer.

Felix Martin


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