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Bruce Egnater's Tech Talk — Learn all you need to know about finding the perfect tone

Bruce Egnater in his workshop

Welcome to Tech Talk, a section written by Bruce Egnater for all of those guitarists in search of their ultimate tone! Stay up-to-date with all the latest news and information straight from the man himself, Bruce Egnater. Bruce will offer information throughout the year about specific features of his innovative amplifiers and, most importantly, how to get the most out of your amplifier ... and, of course, to find your tone!

TECH NOTE #101: WATTS vs VOLUME and other stuff…..
There is some confusion about the relationship between watts and volume (loudness). There is much discussion about how this many dB is twice as loud as that many and that many dB is double the power and blah blah … read more

TECH NOTE #102 Sound dispersion:
Ever wonder why your 4x12 cabinet sounds better when you stand off to the side? Did you wonder why the pros mic a speaker from the edge instead of in the center? Ever have people in the audience tell you your guitar tone is really shrill ... read more

TECH NOTE #103 Effects Loop Overview
There are essentially two common types of loops on guitar amps, series and parallel. Read More

TECH NOTE #104 Quickie Tube Amp Troubleshooting tips
So you’re band is going on in an hour. You’re setting up your gear and something is wrong with your amp…maybe? The following is a systematic troubleshooting guide for when this happens. Read More

TECH NOTE #105 Stereo vs Mono – A Very Brief Overview
This subject comes up often with some accompanying confusion. Let’s first define the two terms as they pertain to audio.
Read More

TECH NOTE #106 Tone ……. a few stories
Creating a distinctive guitar TONE, as with any creative endeavor, is in the eye (or ear) of the creator and the beholder. Read More


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