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Join the Egnater Amplification Owner's ClubYou don't have to be famous to become an Egnater Tone Partner!

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Whether you are in a working band, or just love to jam in your garage, join our Owners Club to showcase your love of tone! It's free to join, all you need to do is complete the above submission form, attach a picture of yourself, your band or your Egnater equipment (preferably with you and your amp!) and send it in. We will post your bio and pictures here. Please include your thoughts about your Egnater equipment and we'll share it with the world.

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Martin Cliffe

Martin Cliffe

Name: Martin Cliffe
Band: Voyager Project
Music Style: Contemporary Prog Rock
Location: Stoke On Trent, England
Egnater Equipment: Tweakers galore!
About You / Your Band: I've played guitar for over 20 years in numerous bands and churches, as well as singing and playing drums, bass and keyboards. I founded Voyager Project in the late 90s as an avenue to explore the music that interested me, and over the years have worked with some great musicians and great friends in it, although right now it's basically just me and lyricist / bassist Ed Cooke. We're not easy to pigeon-hole, as we've got a huge range of influences, and our third album, which we're currently recording, does its best to explore that range. If we ever emerge from the studio, we'll be looking to bring in a couple of extra people to play live with.
My Egnater: I was never totally happy with my guitar tone until I discovered Egnater. I was first alerted to them when we had a Tourmaster at the RJM Music booth at NAMM 2011, and when I returned to the UK I fell in love with the sound of the Tweaker (15 as it is now). I've tweaked the tubes inside to my taste (5751 in V1, 12AT7 in V3) and one of my cabs has a Greenback in it (ideal complement to the G12H30), and I use the Tweaker for everything, clean and loud with a selection of choice pedals for gain. Guitars are modified Ibanez Joe Satriani models which I've had for nearly a decade, but see no reason to change! I've been meaning to supplement my rig with a Rebel, and hopefully a Detroit when it's out, but I don't see a time when the Tweaker isn't a key part of my guitar tone.
David Wright
Name: David Wright
Band: Unseen Evidence
Music Style: Rock / Blues
Location: Mobile, AL
Egnater Equipment: Tweaker 15H
About You / Your Band: Unseen Evidence is a 4-piece rock band and like any great guitar driven band, they have a firm foundation in the blues. Although they have a large catalog of covers, they consider that a "necessary evil" and are much more in there element playing original tunes. The crowds in bars love their covers because they choose popular songs that people love yet still allow them to remain true to their rock/blues heritage. When you see Unseen Evidence live, you see a great rock and roll show. It is obvious that they are drawing on the many years the members in U.E. have spent touring and playing with various national acts all around the U.S. They are at home and feel just at ease playing for 10 people in a bar or 10,000 on a stage at a festival. They are a no holds barred, in your face, high energy band regardless of the number of people in front of them. Unseen Evidence is one of those bands that should not only be heard but also seen.
Remo Hellmueller

Name: Remo Hellmueller
Band: Shotgun Weddings
Music Style: Rock
Location: Berne, Switzerland
Egnater Equipment: Egnater Rebel-30 212 Combo
My Egnater: Just bought my first Egnater last week and i love it. Great tone and very versatile! Thanks Bruce!

Brian B. Ready
Name: Brian B. Ready
Band: Fade to Blues
Music Style: Blues
Website: and
Location: Saranac Lake, NY
Egnater Equipment: Rebel 20
About You / Your Band: My first guitar was a red Beatles ukelele with their pictures on it and a crank that played yesterday. I now favor Strats and Teles. My journey took me thru rock and roll, jazz/fusion, funk and finally blues which is my passion.
My Egnater: Rebel 20 head with custom 2x12 Celestion Vintage 30 and Greenback slant back cabinet. I'll be selling my old friends the Blues Jr. and the Fulltone because the Rebel does it so well.
Phil Moxon
Name: Phil Moxon
Music Style: 70's rock/funk,Country rock.
Location: France
Egnater Equipment: Renegade head with a 4x12 slant cabinet
My Egnater: Beautifully balanced twin channels so its endlessly versatile…Oh and its beige!!
Stian Søberg

Name: Stian Søberg
Band: Aethon
Music Style: Metal
Location: Tønsberg, Norway
Egnater Equipment: Armageddon head
About You / Your Band: Aethon is a four piece metal band from Norway, inspired by vast landscapes and long winters; Aethon is the sledgehammer in the world of nail guns.
My Egnater: I came across this amp by chance while awaiting delivery of what I then thought would be my new amp; but as the delivery time constantly stretched out I decided to give the Armageddon a shot; and what a shot! On my journey towards the ultimate tone for the band I've seen heaven and hell with amps like Hughes & Kettner, Engl Powerball 2, Fractal Audio Axe Fx 2 and Blackstar 104 6L6, but there was always something missing. When I first plugged into the Armageddon I immediately heard what I had been looking for for several years, that indescribable sound of power. This amp doesn't kick or scream like the others, this amp destroys! This amp has turned into becoming the very sound of the band, and with only one guitarist I could not have made a better choice. It's controlled, fat, punchy and right in your face, and believe it or not, it is very transparent and true. A true metal beast.

Ryan Opitz
Name: Ryan Opitz
Band: Vital Signz
Music Style: Rock, Classic Rock
Location: Aberdeen, SD
Egnater Equipment: Rebel 30 head, 2 1x12x cabinets
My Egnater: Great tone and versatility! This is the amp for me!
Richard Cortez
Name: Richard Cortez
Music Style: Reggae/Hard Rock
Location: Los Angeles
Egnater Equipment: Tweaker 88
About You / Your Band: Playing since 13,now 22 ,self taught for the most part, studied a bit of music these past 3 years. Bad Apples have been storming the Reggae scene here in Souther California, we mesh together a sound of local reggae rock with blues and punk, weird right? but people enjoy it
My Egnater: As a person who loves options, the Tweaker 88 only seemed perfect for my tastes, its a chameleon for sure and can grab any tone im looking for, i love a nice tight bass for my lower strings but i need a crisp clean ring from my higher strings
Mike McQuain
Name: Mike McQuain
Band: Praise Band and Session Player
Music Style: Rock, Blues & Christian
Location: Clearwater, FL
Egnater Equipment: Tweaker 15 watt (both the combo and the mini-stack)
About You / Your Band: Modern worship praise band and also freelance player for musical theater productions, etc.
My Egnater: The Tweaker is the perfect go-to amp for all my needs - works at home and at bedroom levels, put a mic on it and use it onstage. I use it every week playing at church (where stage volume is an issue) and it works well for "pit" work playing for musical theater productions (think Broadway show style like "Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat", etc.) It takes pedals very well (both in front and via the effects loop) and offers a lot of different tones in an easily portable package - I Love It!!!!
Grant Andrews

Name: Grant Andrews, Lead Singer/Rhythm Guitar
Band: The Red Factor
Music Style: Alternative Rock
Location: Ontario, Canada
Egnater Equipment: Egnater, Tweaker
About You / Your Band: The Red Factor is a rock band that will challenge you, and the way you see the world. We want to challenge the world, and turn popular culture on it's head. Our music is a melting pot of influences ranging from U2 and Coldplay to Jack White and Led Zeppelin. Stripped down and raw, but full, with all the benefits of the classic four piece rock band.The guitar tone will not disappoint, either. Powered by some of the best gear around. I'm proud to say that Egnater is up there with Gibson, Fender, and Danelectro.
My Egnater: I absolutely love my Tweaker. It's small enough to lug to any gig, and loud enough to stand up to the biggest of them. The tone is unbelievable - crisp, clear, so versatile that I didn't even need a pedalboard for a whole year, and even now, I only have one for convenience. What a smash-hit, Egnater!

Mark Fern
Name: Mark Fern
Band: Honeyriders
Music Style: original, pop/alt-rock
Location: Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Egnater Equipment: Rebel 20, 2 1x12 cabs
About You / Your Band: The Honeyriders are *of* Pittsburgh, yes, but where are they from? Best we can tell, three Americans, a Mexican and a Brit all met in the witness protection program, and this marvelous musical endeavor (whose influences run the table from reggae and ska to twangy pop to good ol' gravelly rock with some bebop thrown in for good measure) is their plan for 'hiding in plain sight'. Go see them before their case officer finds out what they're doing.
My Egnater: good guitar-playing buddy of mine picked up a rebel 30. he played with us a couple of shows and i couldn't believe how sweet it sounded. i went out and got one the next day. the Reb20 suited me. don't need two channels as my pedals take care of that.

Sungsoo Lee
Name: Sungsoo Lee
Band: HarryBigButton
Music Style: Hard Rock, Alternative Rock, Metal
Location: Seoul, Korea
Websites: and
Egnater Equipment: Tourmaster 4100 head
About You / Your Band: I am a lead vocalist and guitarist of hard rock band HarryBigButton. We have recently released our album called "King's Life" and my Egnater 4100 tourmaster head created such a killer tone throughout the entire album.
If you want to find out Tourmaster 4100 tone take a listen to some of my songs on
or check out
My Egnater: Egnater Toumaster 4100 head has everything that I need!
Steve Boyles
Name: Steve Boyles
Band: Join the Dead
Music Style: Melodic Rock
Location: Indianapolis,In
Egnater Equipment: Egnater Tourmaster
About You / Your Band: Recording the first of March. Our first show is March 23. I have used and loved the Tourmaster for about 2 years.
Barry Mahaffey
Name: Barry Mahaffey
Band: The Chromatics
Music Style: Contemporary a cappella, Pop, folk
Location: Washington DC
Egnater Equipment: Tweaker 15 combo
About You / Your Band: I sing a cappella with the Chromatics and play rock and blues guitar with the Egnater.
My Egnater: Love the versatility of the Tweaker. The 15 is plenty loud with a nice clean sound with a bit of growl by adding the gain!
Kevin Daniels
Name: Kevin Daniels
Band: Solo Artist
Music Style: Blues, Classic Rock, Metal
Location: Summerville SC
Egnater Equipment: Rebel-30
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