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Join the Egnater Amplification Owner's Club — You don't have to be famous to become an Egnater Tone Partner!

Join the Egnater Owners Club

Whether you are in a working band, or just love to jam in your garage, join our Owners Club to showcase your love of tone! It's free to join, all you need to do is complete the above submission form, attach a picture of yourself, your band or your Egnater equipment (preferably with you and your amp!) and send it in. We will post your bio and pictures here. Please include your thoughts about your Egnater equipment and we'll share it with the world.

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Robin Billings
Name: Robin Billings
Band: Highway 93
Music Style: Country, Classic rock
Website: Highway 93 Band
Location: Moultrie, GA
Egnater Equipment: Tourmaster 4212
My Egnater: Love the tone and versatility. Here's my daughter jamming on it.
Patrick Marshall & Jeremy Adams
Name: Patrick Marshall / Jeremy Adams
Band: Gnomonaut
Music Style: Progressive Instrumental Space-Rock
Location: Atlanta, GA
Egnater Equipment: Each guitarist uses a Renegade head and a Tourmaster 412 angled cabinet. Pictures attached are from our practice space.
About You / Your Band: We have been together in our current incarnation since 2009, playing various clubs in the Atlanta area. We have released one full length album (2010's The Chronocosm) and are currently writing our second album.
My Egnater: Patrick upgraded to a Renegade head in late 2010 and promptly started telling the world about the virtues of Egnater. Jeremy got tired of Patrick pitching these amps to him all the time, and the rest of the band got tired of Jeremy's old overpowered amp making our ears bleed, so he got a Renegade head based on Patrick's massive improvement in tone and now we sound INCREDIBLE. We love our Egnaters!

Name: Bo
Music Style: Classic rock, blues, metal and everything in between
Location: Colorado
Egnater Equipment: Tourmaster 4100
About You / Your Band: I've been playing guitar for about 10 years now and used to be really into metal. However recently have changed my ways and have a much more broad style so i need lot of different tones and this is the amp for me.
My Egnater: Well i've been looking for an amp head that can do anything for a while now and i think i have finally found it in the tourmaster. Channel 1=fenderesque or some nice vox cleans, Channel 2= my own super tweakable plexi, Channel 3=Modded Supler lead plexi or Jcm 800, while Channel 4=metal if so desired but usually my boosted solo channel. Crank that channel volume and voila beautiful power tube breakup. Plus you got the power grid on the back which is great if you're not always playing in an arena
Brian Phillips
Name: Brian Phillips
Music Style: Rock and Roll
Location: Vancouver WA
Egnater Equipment: Rebel-30
Nicholas Marias
Name: Nicholas Maris
Band: Jukebox Heroes and The Allman Step Brothers
Music Style: Classic Rock/Tribute Band (ABB)
Location: Fremont CA, and El Cerrito, CA
Egnater Equipment: Renegade 65 1X12 and Rebel-30 1X12
About You / Your Band: Have been lead guitar for Jukebox Heroes since April 2009, and have been the "Duane" in the Allman Stepbrothers since April 2012.
My Egnater: Both perform great – have had the Renegade since September 2009, and bought the Rebel-30 in July 2012, use them both for various gigs, usually size the amp to the venue (the picture is me playing with the Heroes at Main Street Brewery in Pleasanton on Sept 29th, 2012, playing my Carvin Bolt-T through the Renegade). They sound great and have never quit on me!!
Daniel Bigham
Name: Daniel Bigham
Music Style: Christian, Rock
Location: Monroe
Egnater Equipment: Tweaker 88
About You / Your Band: Senior Pastor/Worship Leader @ The Rock Worship Center
Jeff Tayama
Name: Jeff Tayama
Band: One Pretty Minute
Music Style: Rock
Location: Columbus, OH
Egnater Equipment: Vengeance, Tourmaster 2x12 extension cab & Tourmaster 4212
About You / Your Band: Hard Rock. Opened for several national acts, play out of town a lot and manager is trying to get us on tour next year. We were supposed to go on a short tour with Taproot this past fall, but the locations changed where it would have taken up more time and money that a couple of us didn't have

Such Is Life

Such Is Life

Name: Michael Nunnink
Band: Such Is Life
Music Style: Rock, Jam
Location: New Jersey
Egnater Equipment: Tourmaster Head, Tourmaster 212, Rebel 30 Head, Rebel 112
About You / Your Band: Original rock/jam band growing fast in NJ and NYC. Playing at famed venues including Stone Pony, MexiCali Live, Starland Ballroom, Sullivan Hall. Most of all, we just love playing music for the fans! Listen for free at
My Egnater: I run my Paul Reed Smith through a Tourmaster when live. There is no separation between me and what I'm playing. I don't have to fight for a note or certain sound that I need at any given moment, they are just there when I need them. The tone in the Tourmaster is unbelievable, and I use no pedals or effects aside from the built-in tube driven reverb and the channel selecting stomp box. It's all I need and more to achieve professional tone.
Ed Peace
Name: Ed Peace
Band: Southern Accent
Music Style: Rocking Country/Classic Rock/Southern Rock
Website: and on Facebook:!/southernaccentband?fref=ts
Location: Cumming, GA
Egnater Equipment: Rebel 30 Combo
About You / Your Band: Been playing for 30+ yrs (Say it ain't so!). If it's "good" music, we'll play it. From Bon Jovi/Ozzy to Hank Jr/Keith Urban to Stevie Wonder/Wild Cherry & of course Skynyrd/Zac Brown/Black Crowes/ARS/Blackfoot, etc.
My Egnater: Have owned several & played through countless amps. While the quest for "THE" tone is never-ending, I think I'll be staying with Egnater for quite a while. Love how the clean channel is smooth & big; Love just as much the growl of the dirty channel. It's a little BEAST of an amp! Features & small package are what drew me to the Rebel 30 (not to mention pricing for a working musician). Good work, Bruce!
Code Blue
Name: J R
Band: Code Blue
Music Style: classic rock
Location: Austin Tx
Egnater Equipment: tweaker 40 head, 112x cabinet
About You / Your Band: we are a classic rock cover band covering decades of hits.
My Egnater: after 40 years of Fender- with a few deviations along the way- I recently made
The jump to Egnater. Why? In a word- TONE. At my fingertips. Responsive. Dynamic. Musical.
What took me so long?
Leonardo Taiti
Name: Leonardo Taiti
Band: Dust Devil – Frozen Tears
Music Style: Heavy Metal
Website: and
Location: Italy
Egnater Equipment: Tourmaster 4100
About You / Your Band: I recorded 5 Cds with Frozen Tears Mysterious time" (2000, Megahard), "Way of temptation" (2002, Megahard), "Metal hurricane" (2004, Steelheart/Adrenaline) "Nights of violence" (2007, My Graveyards), "Slaves" (2009, My Graveyards) and we are working to the first Dust Devil CD.
My Egnater: The Tourmaster 4100 is a very versatile amp. You can use it for blues rock and metal music. It's perfect if you love the warm sound typical of metal 80's.
Loren H. Griffin
Name: Loren H. Griffin
Band: Gypsies Quest
Music Style: Prog Rock
Egnater Equipment: Egnater TOL 100; Modules for M4
About You / Your Band: I first came in contact with Bruce in the late 80's when he was doing the Natec modular system (aka the Egnater M4). I have had a number of Marshall Bruce modded and a Kitty Hawk head he modded and later owned a TOL 4 channel preamp then TOL 100 head.I currently use the Randall RM4 with Egnater single channel modules.
My Egnater: Egnater Modules give me the flexibility and tone without compromise.
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