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Join the Egnater Amplification Owner's ClubYou don't have to be famous to become an Egnater Tone Partner!

Join the Egnater Owners Club

Whether you are in a working band, or just love to jam in your garage, join our Owners Club to showcase your love of tone! It's free to join, all you need to do is complete the above submission form, attach a picture of yourself, your band or your Egnater equipment (preferably with you and your amp!) and send it in. We will post your bio and pictures here. Please include your thoughts about your Egnater equipment and we'll share it with the world.

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Name: Finn Engen
Band: No band at the moment
Music Style: Rock, blues
Location: Tønsberg, Norway
Egnater Equipment: 2x Egnater Rebel 20 heads
About You / Your Band: Started playing guitar in '85. "Gear whore"..
My Egnater: I love the sound of m Egnaters. Got enough headroom for a good clean sound, and still perform good when subjected to a overdriven/distorted sound

Darrell McCullough
Name: Darrell McCullough
Band: The Bar Nutz
Music Style: Rock/Pop/Anything
Location: Corpus Christi, TX
Egnater Equipment: Tweaker 15 head w/1x12, Renegade head w/Tourmaster 2x12
About You / Your Band: I've been playing for 30+ years, almost all of those in a pro - semipro environment. The Bar Nutz is my latest project.. after a 4 year layoff from the music "biz". Having fun again!
My Egnater: The Tweaker impressed me so much, that I decided when it was time to upgrade to a multi-channel amp, Egnater would be my first choice. The Renegade with matching 2x12 sounds great!
Martin Tossademarre
Name: Martin Tossademarre
Band: Della and the Fellas
Music Style: Classic Rock/Metal
Website: Find us on Facebook and My Space
Location: Cheshire UK
Egnater Equipment: Tourmaster 4100
About You / Your Band: Ive been playing for 25 odd years. As with most guitarists i had my own band when i was younger that nearly made it but didnt, so i got disheartened and became a bedroom hero for a while. An Orange Rocker awoke me from my slumber and relit my passion for playing live around 7 or 8 years ago. I gig the local circuit in 2 rock covers bands and im really enjoying the buzz again. Della and the Fellas is female fronted hard rock band playing classics from Maiden to Fleetwood Mac.
My Egnater: Ty Tabor put me onto the Egnater. I couldnt afford a Mod so tried the new series, as was. I settled on a Tourmaster. Lots of great tones available and twinned with my Eventide Pitch Factor it allows me to cover a broad school of music.
Billy Smith
Name: Billy Smith
Band: Zion Church Band, Earth Wind & Fire Tribute Band
Music Style: Christian, R&B, Funk & Jazz
Location: Bowie, MD
Egnater Equipment: Renegade 65 2x12
About You / Your Band: I have the super priviledge of playing with phenominal musicians every Sunday. The Zion Church Band is blessed with the most down to earth and humble guys I've ever known. I'm also looking forward to "gettin" it in with a new band that I'm joining called the Earth Wind & Fire Tribute Band. I can't wait to play the tunes I grew up listening to.
Egnater: The Renegade is the best amp I've owned in my life. Super versatile as my Church Band covers several genres of music and the Renegade has never let me down. I've got my eye on the Tweaker and the Rebel 30 as well.
Christopher Moss
Name: Christopher Moss
Band: One Night In Paris
Music Style: Electronic Post Hardcore
Location: Sydney, Australia
Egnater Equipment: Egnater Armageddon
About You / Your Band: One Night In Paris are a Australian electronic post hardcore band from Sydney / Newcastle, N.S.W. Formed in 2011, the band consists of Vocalist Ben White, Guitarists Josh Jackson and Chris Moss, Blake Johnson on Bass and drummer Brogan Clark. The band released their debut demo "A Spoonful Of Sugar" mid 2011 featuring "Hero The Horse" & "Your Wolf, My Devil". Exclusively self released.
My Egnater: I upgraded to my Armageddon from a Peavey 6505+ as I wanted more of a Hotrodded Marshall metal tone with huge low end and articulation. I looked at Uberschalls, Splawn Nitros, Dual Rectifiers, Soldanos, Engls and a Framus Cobra but none of them could offer the value for money the Armageddon does. The only amp that comes close is an Engl Savage but at around twice the price it was still no contest
John Lotspeich
Name: John Lotspeich
Band: Nobody's Brother; S.O.B.
Music Style: Original arrangements of classic rock, blues, and originals
Location: Connecticut
Egnater Equipment: Tweaker stack, Rebel 30 short stack
About You / Your Band: I started playing in the 60's in the south. We are a loose group of old farts that spends most of our time in our studio but we do play out occasionally. Although we play songs from the 60's and 70's, all arrangements are our own.
My Egnater: After spending time with the Tweaker, I replaced my Mesa with the Rebel 30. I replaced the speaker in the Rebel cab with an 8 ohm Reaper 55 Hz. I still like to work with real feedback on some tunes so when out, I run the 8 ohm cab in the main aimed at myself with the 2 Tweaker cabs in the extension jack facing out. This arrangement runs at 4 ohms and works great. I'm not a big fan of pedals. With the Rebel and an additional OD pedal, I can get any sound I want. The pic is from a recent gig showing part of this arrangement with my USA Custom Shop Washburn and Godin.
Waldon Reed, Jr

Name: Waldon Reed, Jr.
Band: Waldon Reed, Jr.
Music Style: Progressive/Fusion/Classic Rock
Location: Michigan
Egnater Equipment: Mod 50 with BMan and EG3/4 modules
About You / Your Band: Waldon is a freelance guitarist, instructor, and composer in the Detroit area. He received his Bachelor of Music degree in guitar performance from Marygrove College in Detroit, Michigan and his Master of Music degree in composition from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan.
His playing styles include classical, jazz, and rock; all of which are reflected in his eclectic compositional style. As a student he has received numerous awards for both composing and performing. Of these awards, is most notably the Music Teachers National Association Student Composition Contest (1989), where he won first place nationally for his composition Duo Fantasy for flute and guitar. His composition Blues Emporium was selected for the early's 103 of the best songs you've never heard vol.2 compilation CD. His popularity on the internet has led to CD sales on every continent of the world. Presently, Waldon divides his time between recording his latest compositions (which to date, includes a seven CD discography with number eight to be released in 2013!) and a thriving free lance teaching schedule which includes an adjunct faculty position at Marygrove College (Detroit).
My Egnater: With 4 MIDI switchable channels and tube swapping, functionality and tone are the hallmarks of this superb amplifier.

James T Cotton
Name: James T Cotton
Band: Common Thread
Music Style: rock, fusion, blues, metal, country
Location: Round Rock, TX
Egnater Equipment: Rebel 30 head and matching Rebel 112x cab
About You / Your Band: I've been playing for 30 years. I've owned dozens of amps and hundreds of guitars. I mainly play the guitar for the love of playing. It's a source for me. It does lead me into band opportunities and studio gigs. My current band, Common Thread, has been playing in the Austin TX area and serving the local communities for the past seven years. Prior to my current band, I've played with several other bands of various styles ranging from 50s rock to Metal Core along with random studio work. I am a tone geek and I am always looking for that new piece of gear that will enhance my sound.
My Egnater: I love my Rebel 30 stack. The clean tone is crisp and very responsive. The overdrive channel is rich and complex. The 30 watts is more than loud enough to power any live performance. The direct out is great for a second output to the mix along with a mic in front of the 112x cab. That direct out is also great for recording and home use. There is no doubting that the tone is great. Another one of my favorite features is that it is also relatively lite compared to other tube amp stacks and combos that I own. That is huge when actively gigging. I have other amps that do one thing or another better than anything else. However, my Egnater Rebel 30 does just about everything beautifully. Consequently, is the workhorse in my amp arsenal. Great job, Bruce!
Bob Maunsell
Name: Bob Maunsell
Band: Dialogue Church Worship Band
Music Style: Hard Rock Worship
Location: Manchester, NH
Egnater Equipment: Renegade /w 2 12 cab
About You / Your Band: I have been playing Guitar for 32 years, The past 10 years I've been playing in Worship Ba nds and I have seen the music styles change dramatically. We play a more aggressive style of Rock Worship songs. Ranging from Chris Tomlin to Kutless. I have to be able to dial in a sound that will work for these different styles of music. I have other amps that I use, Vox AC/30tbx, Fender Deville Hotrod, Mesa Dual Rect. But I'll put my Renegade next to any of those amps A/B it and I can come very close to matching the sound, the more I play through it the easier it is to dial in the sound I'm looking for.This is a great amp for what I'm doing, and the tone is right up there with any of my other rigs, even better. The range of tones that I can dial in is incredible. I am very pleased with my decision to invest in the Egnater Renegade 65w. I always get compliments on my sound.
My Egnater: Renegade Head, Tour Master 212 Cab
John Bornheimer

Name: John Bornheimer
Band: Johnny B & the MVPs
Music Style: Americana; Classic Rock; Rockabilly
Location: Rochester, NY
Egnater Equipment: Egnater Tweaker 15 and 2 1x12 Tweaker cabs
About You / Your Band: I've been playing for over 30 years now and have been an "Ampaholic" for a long time but once I got my Tweaker stack, my Marshalls and Fender are sold and my Voxes only come out for big outdoor gigs…the Tweaker covers all my indoor club gigs alone and works nicely, setup like a Marshall, when I pair it with my Vox AC15.
The band plays a good mix of covers and an increasing number of my originals. I can't wait to get into the studio with my Tweaker, 'cause it covers so much sonic ground!
My Egnater: Tweaker 15 stack

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