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Join the Egnater Amplification Owner's ClubYou don't have to be famous to become an Egnater Tone Partner!

Join the Egnater Owners Club

Whether you are in a working band, or just love to jam in your garage, join our Owners Club to showcase your love of tone! It's free to join, all you need to do is complete the above submission form, attach a picture of yourself, your band or your Egnater equipment (preferably with you and your amp!) and send it in. We will post your bio and pictures here. Please include your thoughts about your Egnater equipment and we'll share it with the world.

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Ryan Fletcher
Name: Ryan Fletcher
Band: Lakeside Baptist Worship team
Music Style: Rock/ Blues/ Christian/ all styles really
Location: Perth, Western Australia
Egnater Equipment: Rebel 20 head & 2/1x12 stack.
About You / Your Band: Been playing guitar for 10 years and at church for about 2 years
My Egnater: The Rebel 20 is just what I was looking for, a great versatile single channel amp that I can plug my effects into. Small wattage and Huge sound.

Name: Damiano "Idda" Porciani
Band: Frozen Tears
Music Style: Classic Heavy Metal
Location: Firenze, Italy
Egnater Equipment: Egnater Tourmaster 4100 head, connected to a TC G-System in 4CM for effects and channel switching.
About You / Your Band: Band exists since 1999, and have 5 Cds out; "Mysterious time" (2000, Megahard), "Way of temptation" (2002, Megahard), "Metal hurricane" (2004, Steelheart/Adrenaline) "Nights of violence" (2007, My Graveyards), "Slaves" (2009, My Graveyards). Next cd is work-in-progress!
My Egnater: The Tourmaster 4100 is a versatile monster tone machine, it adapts very well to any stage, situation, and sounds great on any cab you can find on stages, so it is the perfect touring amp.
Joshua Rednik
Name: Joshua Rednik
Band: RedWall
Music Style: Blues/Rock/Pop
Location: JERSEY
Egnater Equipment: Renegade Head
About You / Your Band: I've been playing guitar and singing for over 20 years. RedWall started as a two-man acoustic thing and has grown into a four-man blues/rock/pop band playing originals and covers.
My Egnater: I love my Renegade. In terms of looks, it's hard to beat - love the creme band black. Very classy. As for tone, it's it's remarkably flexible and consistent. I love the ability to switch between 18 and 65 watt settings - generally use 65 watts on the clean channel for headroom and 18 watts on the drive channel for dirt. The ability to dial in US vs. British tones is tremendous. All in all, it's an amazing amp and I can't imagine ever unloading it.
Ant "Lefty" Clemente
Name: Ant "Lefty" Clemente
Band: Ripface Invasion
Music Style: Hardcore / Thrash
Location: New Jersey
Egnater Equipment: Egnater Vengeance 120 Watt Head
About You / Your Band: Ant Lefty is the guitar player for the New Jersey band Ripface Invasion. Ripface Invasion is a coalition of members from veteran hardcore bands formed in 2010.
My Egnater: Has replaced my other high profile / high gain amps that I played over the years. I can't get enough of the sound and I am constantly asked how I get my big fat gain sound. I tell them EGNATER!
David J. McVey
Name: David J. McVey
Band: Machine
Music Style: Rock Covers
Location: Blackpool - England
Egnater Equipment: Tourmaster 42100
About You / Your Band: Loud, gregarious, entertaining, Lizzy style twin guitars, emotive, crazy Frontman!
My Egnater: Just the best amp ever and I've had a lot including Mesa Boogie, Marshall, Blackstar, Line 6(ughh!), Fender etc.
Thom Byrnes
Name: Thom Byrnes
Band: Restless Leg Syndrome
Music Style: Classic Rock, Modern Rock and Blues
Location: Frederick, MD
Egnater Equipment: Renegade
About You / Your Band: Latest reincarnation of a band started in '95 with an ever changing lineup (except bass master Chip who never changes except for getting better all the time) now featuring the Energizer Bunny (Brooks Albaugh) on drums – we cover a wide range of styles from the 60's to now that keeps 'em guessing what we're going to play next. What we lack in musical ability we make up for with enthusiasm.
My Egnater: When I got rid of my British boat anchor and got the Renegade I finally found something that could cover what we cover – clean to crunch and everything in between with the right power level for a noisy bar scene, an SVT bass player and an enthusiastic drummer. Infinite adjustability on the front panel makes it easy to sound right through 2-12's where space is an issue, 4-10's if I want it to bark or 4-12's when it needs to shine. The bias adjustment on the back panel makes it easy to try different brands and vintages of output tubes for even more versatility. I've had it a couple of years now and I can confirm it's ended my search for an amp with versatility and reliability.
Name: Jags
Music Style: All kind of rock, progressive rock, etc
Location: Lisbon, PT
Egnater Equipment: Renegade Head + Tourmaster 2x12 Cab
My Egnater: Love Egnater, Love my Renegade
Al Moore
Name: Al Moore
Band: Two bit shotgun
Music Style: Country
Location: Augusta,Georgia
Egnater Equipment: Rebel 30 head,Tweaker 88 head, 2x12 tourmaster and tweaker cabs
About You / Your Band: I have been playing guitar for 16 years and started in Honkey Tonks when I was 19 years old and worked my way up to have been privileged to work beside some of country's best known artists including Luke Bryan, Ricochet, Kevin Sharpe and Jeff Bates and many more. Mt band Two bit shotgun tours around 15 states and plays 4 nights a week playing the best in modern and classic country.
My Egnater: My tweaker and rebel 30 has been the only amps that will play the classic twang to the modern country rock that don't require 20 pedals. I run my analog delay through my loop which is the cleanest I have yet found.
Mike Xavier
Name: Mike Xavier
Band: MOJO13
Location: Aldan in Eastern Delaware County Pennsylvania
Egnater Equipment: Tweaker-40
My Egnater: I have been playing since I was 13 tears old (now 50). I have owned a lot of amps from Peavey to Marshall to Mesa/Bugera and the Egnater Tweaker 40 has been the best amp for the money I could find!!!! It is compact and easy to load in and out has a ton of tone and plenty loud. I play mostly Classic Rock to Modern and some dance music and the amp can adapt to all of those genres with little changes.I play both a Les Paul,Start & Tele and it adjusts very nicely to any situation.
Shane Kennemore
Name: Shane Kennemore
Band: Praise team at Abner Creek Baptist Church
Music Style: Modern praise for church / Home is Metal & Classic rock
Location: Greer South Carolina
Egnater Equipment: Rebel 30 Combo
About You / Your Band: I love to listen to music more than I play it. So many varieties to choose from. I'm really into Nu Metal as it's classified I guess. Killswitch Engage, Tremonti, Red, Skillet, Disciple, Pillar, Thousand Foot Krutch, and so on. Our praise band at church plays a lot of newer praise and worship ,Matt Redman, Sovereign Grace, & Jesus Culture
My Egnater: I love my Rebel 30. My rep at Sweetwater suggested the combo version for ease of transportation and most of all Egnater over all others for the silent play feature which is how we have it run for a silent stage. It gets just the right tones for what we play at church. I actually got a B stock item and have had it for about 8 months and it works great. I wish I could actually hear the Vengeance and Armageddon amplifiers. Unfortunately no one local carries them. Thanks again for a great product! Definitely want more!

Kris Oprisko
Name: Kris Oprisko
Band: Munificent Troizack, Left Wing Death Squid
Music Style: rockpopreggaesoulfunkpunkslop
Location: Takoma Park, MD
Egnater Equipment: Rebel 20 head with matching cab
About You / Your Band: My "band" is a loose collective of names that I use under the umbrella of 4Q Records. I record most every instrument myself, with my son on drums on some songs. Started as a bass player originally but switched to guitar about 3 years ago. Love my Egnater, especially the tube blending. I mostly use the multi-effects as pedal only, cancelling the amp modeling in favor of the Egnater's natural sound. My favorite pedals are the Big Muff Pi and a Digitech Lyra pedal, which is 90% useless but has a clean tone that works SO WELL with the Rebel. Guitars are a Rick 650 Dakota, Fender Pawn Shop Mustang Special, Hallmark Swept Wing, Dano Innuendo baritone, Eastwood Warren Ellis tenor.
My Egnater: Rebel 20 head with 112X cab
Ja Sallinger
Name: Ja Sallinger
Band: 8 MHz
Music Style: Classic rock / Grunge
Website: Under Construction
Location: Rhodachusetts
Egnater Equipment: Tweaker 40 Combo
About You / Your Band: Influenced by the Extraordinary
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