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Join the Egnater Amplification Owner's ClubYou don't have to be famous to become an Egnater Tone Partner!

Join the Egnater Owners Club

Whether you are in a working band, or just love to jam in your garage, join our Owners Club to showcase your love of tone! It's free to join, all you need to do is complete the above submission form, attach a picture of yourself, your band or your Egnater equipment (preferably with you and your amp!) and send it in. We will post your bio and pictures here. Please include your thoughts about your Egnater equipment and we'll share it with the world.
*Please include a picture*

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Robbie King
Name: Robbie King
Band: Robbie King and The Blues Counts
Music Style: Blues/Blues Rock
Location: Riverside, CA
Egnater Equipment: Rebel 20
About You / Your Band: Together four years playing original Blues and reworked Classic Blues. Robbie King has preformed with artists such Bonnie Raitt, Johnny Neel of the Allman Brothers, Coco Montoya, Eric Gales, Robin Ford and Mike Landau ect.
My Egnater: Rebel 20 has preformed flawlessly for the past three years. My last CD featured the Rebel 20 exclusively. Tone is paramount, I consider the Rebel 20 to be one of best sounding amps I currently own!
Matthew Fairchild Name: Matthew David Fairchild
Band: Desert Stream Christian Fellowship Worship teams
Music Style: post-rock, blues, rock, etc...
Location: Belleville, Ontario Canada
Egnater Equipment: I'm running a '72 RI fender tele deluxe straight into my Egnater Renegade 212, then out of the fxloop in a line6 M13 controlled by 2 ex1s.
About You / Your Band: I've been playing guitar for about 5/6 years. Started playing Acoustic guitar for the youth worship band and moved on to play electric as well as bass in 5 other teams in and out over the past few years and 2 consistently. Some of the teams have a more rock feel where others are more laid back, some even have r&b, jazz and blues elements In them.
My Egnater: My Egnater is awesome. I was on the search for a great amp with great tone as every guitar player is. At the time I didn't own an amp so I desperately needed one having grown tired of using other peoples gear. I was asked to play for a conference in Exeter ON. So i rented the amp i currently own and fell in love. I was initially looking at getting the tourmaster but the renegade suits my needs without the bulk. I Totally love the flexibility and what it can accomplish tonally. It provides the many tones I need for all the different teams that I play on. It also looks great, the black and tan look really classy. Thanks for creating an amazing brand of amps that hold to a golden standard of tone.

Ron Swicki
Name: Ron Siwicki ( Ronald Peter ) Siwicki
Band: The Eastwood Gang
Music Style: Rock ( R&B, Pop, Country, light jazz, etc )
Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba , Canada
Egnater Equipment: Owned Tourmaster head for over three years, bought later Renegade 1-12 combo and now Armageddon so I own three Egnaters now.
About You / Your Band: I love all types of music but Rock is best; Beatles, Cream, Hendrix, Zeppelin, etc. I started playing in 1964 and I play every week at a house gig. The band has been doing this gig for over fourteen years. One of our girl singers recorded 7songs at The Sound Factroy in L.A. with The Matrix production song writing team.
My Egnater: Armageddon and just ordered the matching cab
Michael Lyman
Name: Michael Lyman
Band: Escaping Space
Music Style: hard rock with a prog influence
Location: N.J.
Egnater Equipment: Tweaker-88 + 2x12 cab.
About You / Your Band: No covers all original music. Hard rock with a touch of prog thrown in. My main influences are Jeff Beck, Gary Moore, Alex Lifeson, Jimmy Page, David Gilmore, Tony Iommi, Dime, Ty Tabor and Steve Morse.
My Egnater: Love the 88. Great tone loud as hell and can play any style i want it too. Yes even metal. The 2x12 cab sounds amazing.

Dave Ben
Name: Dave Benjamin
Music Style: Counrty to Blues to Hard Rock
Location: Newcastle upon Tyne, England
Egnater Equipment: Rebel 30 Head and 1x12 cab (soon to be joined by a 2nd cab)
About You / Your Band: I've been playing since the 70's, my best rig was my Les Paul thru a Mesa mark IV tho I had to let the Mesa go one very broke Christmas some years back, never thought I'd get my tone back but now I have! Thanks Bruce !!
My Egnater: This may not be the last amp I ever buy, but Egnater might just be the last brand I ever go to. Perfect cleans and a gain channel control that actually works, from Gary Moore blues crunch to Slash, BEFORE I start adding pedals, now that my friend, is class with a capital 'C'. No it doesn't have a aux in for MP3s or a headphone socket, or tuner or a can opener, and it's a better product for it, it does what it says on the tin that it can't open :) in short...a proper amp, exactly what I wanted.
Tom Barr
Name: Tom Barr
Band: Quayside
Music Style: Indie/Alternative
Egnater Equipment: Rebel 30 212 Combo
My Egnater: Rebel 30 212 Combo
Name: Lucan
Band: jkai worship team
Music Style: Christian/rock/jazz/all
Location: Los Angeles
Egnater Equipment: Tweaker-40 112 combo
My Egnater: I've been on a quest searching for a sound different than all the rest so i plugged in to a tweaker 15 combo and my search was over i fell in love then i tried the COMBO 40 and bought it on the spot this is the sound for me not really fender not same like vox not exactly marshall JUST 100% EGNATER LUSHNESS!!!!!!!
Shawn Baiano
Name: Shawn L. Baiano
Music Style: British Invasion, Classic Rock, Rockabilly, Christian
Location: Welland, Ontario, Canada
Egnater Equipment: Rebel 20 Head, Renegade 65 (2x12)
Todd Edmonds
Name: Todd Edmonds
Band: The Firecrackers
Music Style: Country/Rock
Location: Nashville,TN
Egnater Equipment: Tweaker 40, 2 Rebel 20's, 2 112X cabs
About You / Your Band: We are a Country /Rock band out of Nashville. have toured nationwide and just finished our new CD..the aptly named. The Firecrackers... doin gigs and showcases around town and gearin up for another fall tour all around this fine country
My Egnater: Love my Egnaters! every tone i could want from clean to mean...well done! time for and endorsement!!

Andrew Fujii
Name: Andrew Fujii
Band: Kid at Heart
Music Style: Pop Punk, Pop, Rock
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Egnater Equipment: Egnater Tweaker 88 with a Boss ME-50, Gibson Les Paul Studio, PRS Singlecut, and Fender Strat.
About You / Your Band: We're a 5 piece pop-punk band out of Southern California. We write melodically driven, hook heavy pop punk songs that will get you up and dancing and singing along. We're currently working on our debut album, and looking forward to seeing all of you at a show really soon. I've been playing guitar for about 10 years now, from acoustic to metal to pop. Music is a huge part of my life, and I don't know what I would do without it.
My Egnater: I bought my Tweaker 88 in December and fell in love with it immediately. The range of tone it gives me, the amount of gain I get from it, to the clarity of it is unlike anything I've used before. I also love the classy look of the tweed and black too.
Name: Sam Netherwood (vox/guitar), Joe Netherwood (guitar), Rod Simmonds (guitar/vox)
Band: The Deceived (2007 - 2012), Accidents (2012 - )
Music Style: post hardcore/experimental rock
Location: Manchester, UK
Egnater Equipment: Egnater Rebel 20 (Joe), Egnater Tweaker 40 (Sam), Egnater Tweaker 40 Combo (Rod)
About You / Your Band: The triple guitar 'wall of sound' was one of The Deceived's signatures, their shimmering clean and haunting tones were also something that gave the band it's own voice. Now with Accidents, the trio are stripping back their sound to give a more textured, ethereal flavour to their sound.
My Egnater: The most versatile sounding and robust amps we have ever played. Endless sonic capabilities and classic looks: enough said.

Renaissance Rockers
Name: Carlos J. Cardenas MD
Band: Renaissance Rockers
Music Style: Rock and Roll and Blues
Location: McAllen, Edinburg Texas
Egnater Equipment: Egnater Rebel 30 with Extension cab
About You / Your Band: Amateur Band fronted by 3 Physicians do lots of charities and gig whenever we get the chance.
My Egnater: My Rebel 30 is awesome!!!! Here I am (on the far right) with my Strat playing with Albert Besteiro of Del Castillo and my Band Mate Dr.No (Noe Oliveira MD) when we opened for Del Castillo this last February.
Phill Torres
Name: Phill Torres
Band: Austrian Blues Combo
Music Style: BluesRock
Location: Austria, Gmunden/Laakirchen
Egnater Equipment: Egnater Tweaker 15 Combo 112
About You / Your Band: We are playing blues rock and with my small 15 watts tube combo and my strat it sounds so damn fucking vintage like.... everybody tells us, that our sound is so amazing and authentic...
My Egnater: I have it now for nearly a half a year and love it. the tone, the power even with "only" 15 watts, the clarity and transparence because of the halfopen back... JUST AMAZING!!!! my settings on the amp: deep - normal - gain 12'o'clock - hot - bass full - middle 3'o'clock - treble 11'o'clock - master 1'o'clock
Toon De Wachter
Name: Toon De Wachter
Music Style: blues, hardrock, some country and folk
Location: Lier, Belgium
Egnater Equipment: Egnater Tweaker 15 combo
About You / Your Band: As a player I prefer blues and classic rock. My most important influences are Jimmy Page, Mark Knopfler, Stevie Ray Vaughan, David Gilmore, Slash and Clapton.
My Egnater: I teach English, religion and guitar. I need this amp in various situations and for very different styles. I needed an amp that can do almost anything: from pristine clean, crunchy and some higher gain for soloing. This Tweaker is able to do all of that!
Mike Flanigan
Name: Mike Flanigan
Band: Stanley Freeman Band
Music Style: Rock and Blues
Location: Kansas City Missouri
Egnater Equipment: Egnater Rebel 20 & Egnater 2x12 cabinet
Steve Bluesman
Name: Steve Bluesman
Band: Bluesgarage
Music Style: Blues/Bluesrock
Location: Germany
Egnater Equipment: Rebel-20 / Rebel-30 / 2 Egnater 112 Cabinets
About You / Your Band: We like to play and have Fun with it...
My Egnater: I did start with a Rebell 20 with T-Rex Reverb Pedal and a T-Rex overdrive...and 10 inch Marshall Cabs...
Now i use the Rebell 30 with 2 Egnater Cabs...Egnater Amps give me the Sound that I need for Blues and Classic Rock...
also the Rebell 30 need no Microfon..because The balanced Output to the Mixer..
Raphael Slagg
Name: Raphael Slagg
Band: Blind Fret
Music Style: Rock, Original, Classic, Blues
Location: Winfield, Mo & the World
Egnater Equipment: 2 Rebel 20's half stacks.
About You / Your Band: 3 piece classic boogie band that also produces original music.
My Egnater: I Love the 2 Rebel 20's , this is the perfect set up for any size venue. I Have searched for years for this sound from an AMP ! I have found My Sound! All of my recordings the past 2 years have been done with my Rebel's plus the rave reviews I get when we play out, people can not believe the tone coming from the Rebel 20. I saw the lead player form Cavo using these and checked them out and bought 2!
Charles Bacinelli Name: Dr. Charles Bacinelli
Band: The Forgiven
Music Style: Christian & Classic Rock
Location: Northeast PA
Egnater Equipment: Rebel 20 Full Stack
About You / Your Band: Forgiven was formed in 2008 for the sole purpose of raising funds for those in need and similar worthy causes. Forgiven does not charge for services (of course, donations to offset expenses gladly accepted!)
My Egnater: I was in the market for a tube amp about the same time that the Rebel 20 started to get a lot of good press. I went to my local Guitar Center and plugged in my LP to give it a whirl. Love at note! The rest is history. I own 5 guitar amps, and the Rebel is one of my favorites.
Dan Peck
Name: Dan Peck
Band: Four Corners Community Church Worship team (Remember When 2010-2012)
Music Style: Pop Rock/Rock
Location: Middletown Ohio
Egnater Equipment: Tourmaster 4100
About You / Your Band: I played many of show all around southern Ohio and even some in northern Ohio. I'm now playing of my church worship team.
My Egnater: My Tourmaster is the best! People have told me that my Egnater is the best sounding amp live they have ever heard. One of those people were super producer Tyler Smyth from the band formally Let's Get It, and he uses and Orange if that tells you anything!!! My Egnater has never let me done and I am completely excited to pull it out of its case every time I am going to play it!
Jon Seelye
Name: Jon Seelye
Band: Street Fist
Music Style: Punk/Ska/Rock
Location: Lake County IL
Egnater Equipment: Rebel 30
About You / Your Band: I've been playing guitar for around 9 years, street fist has been around for about 4 tho we really didn't start taking it seriously until about two ears ago. I met the other guitar player and bass player through my girlfriend who plays drums in the band. I say take it seriously but our only goal is to have fun.
My Egnater: I FREAKING LOVE IT!! It gives you everything you need to play any type of music, its only limited by is your own imagination. Play it through a 4x12 and you will have enough volume to play any size venue. The only problem I've had with it was the chrome screw cap on the input jack kinda striped its self out on the plastic face plate but fixed it with a lock tight that dries into a rubber like consistency. I am too young to say it will be my last amp, but, I don't see myself ever getting rid of it or even knowing what I would ever replace it with. Maybe one day I'll join an metal band and need something with way too much gain.
Keep up the good work Bruce and team!
Vikk Kundra

Name: Vikk Kundra
Band: Dead Star Renegade
Music Style: Heavy Rock
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Egnater Equipment: Egnater Renegade Head, Tourmaster 212 Cab
About You / Your Band: Dead Star Renegade was born in The Basement of Melbourne's iconic Esplanade Hotel on 20.08.2009. We released our first Single 'Tommy Gun' in Nov. of 2010 and in March of 2011 followed that up with our debut album 'Blackwing'.
"Dead Star Renegade have launched their sterling debut effort, Blackwing, an album that boasts all the essential ingredients required for a classic hard-rock album, without sounding like it's well and truly past its used by date...They're the kind of quality act where success isn't so much a matter of if, but only when. "
Justin Donnelly - Beat Magazine
With a steadily growing base of loyal supporters both locally and internationally 2012 promises to be a big one for the band with tours of both India and Northern Europe in the wings as well as a host of Local, Interstate and Regional shows. There is also an Acoustic E.P. looming early in the year along with the band's first official Music Video.
In a sea of tired classic rock clones Dead Star Renegade is taking Rock and Roll by the throat and smacking it right into the here and now.

Keith Lockwood
Name: Keith Lockwood
Band: None
Music Style: Rock!
Location: Lake Worth, FL
Egnater Equipment: Tourmaster 4100 / Tourmaster 412A
About You / Your Band: Just love to jam
My Egnater: Love my Egnater gear!
Tour the Club >
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