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What guitarists are saying about EgnaterSend for feedback today and we'll post it right here!

Renegade wins the day
This amp is positively brilliant! I was very close to buying the Tweaker 40 when I decided to plug into the Renegade for comparison. It took me about 2 minutes to decide to spend the extra cash and pick up the Renegade instead. What an amazing head! The Master volumes 1 and 2 as well as the Master EQ are very well thought out. I also really like being able to blend the different power tubes which make a big difference when you start pushing them.
Nice work making a great product at a great price!
Wes Heilman

I wanted to take the time to let you know how much I love your Tweaker 15 head purchased at Musician's Friend. I've been playing for about 25 years and was in the market for a low wattage all tube head that I could use for late night practicing and/or for small gigs. First of all, before even plugging in, I was impressed by the quality craftsmanship and high quality materials. Everything looks very well-constructed and nicely finished, no plastic nuts or cheap / torn materials, all good quality stuff. Once I plugged in, it didn't take me any time find simply great tones. Everything from crystal clear clean, blues, to moderate high gain was there. And the best thing is tons of tones can be found, at BOTH low and high volumes. I've never owned such a versatile amp and believe me, I've owned a ton of gear in the past. Everything from solid state ADA Pre-Amps to Peavey Classic combos' to Marshall JCM2000 full stacks, Peavey 5150's to Line 6 modeling amps. This is EASILY the most satisfying piece of gear I have ever owned. In the past something was always missing, the clean was great but the dirty channels was just ok. Or the distortion would be good but the clean was terrible. Not so with this amp, it can all be dialed in. Probably the best thing about this amp is it inspires me to want to play and that's when you know you've got a great product! I only wish you would have come along a long time ago, it would have saved me a ton of cash! As long as the reliability holds up, and it appears it will, I will be an Egnater customer for life. If you are ever needing an endorsement, let me know, I'll be glad to represent. You guys have done a truly fantastic job with this amp.
Joseph Kirby
Frisco, Tx

Tweaker-40 leads to new follower
Hello, I am bedroom rockstar who recently was gifted one of your Tweaker 40 head as a replacement for a larger (wattage) Peavey head. It sits a top a well voiced Peavey 4x12 cab made in the late 80's, not the best but it will do for me. Along with a 2006 PRS Standard 22, they have never sounded better.
First I would like to say I can not describe to you how amazing this amp is, it literally has no bad sounds. I only have one complaint, you gave me too many options and I can't stop tweaking ... for lack of a better term. The Tweaker; I guess the name was meant as more of a warning than a clever marketing tool. The worst part is this amp only needs the one three way tone stack switch on the face plate. I think you added the rest to torment us tone junkies with juicy sonic morsels. I ended up having to set the channels identically minus one option and bounce back and forth with the foot switch to decided anything. At any rate it's amazing and I am not any closer to finding my 'tone', because I now have thousands I love.
I also appreciate your stance (and comments in the manual itself) on effects, tones and gain. I am glad someone openly pushes the integrity of sounds to the sterile over-gained scooped midrange masses.
This being said I have a few effect of my own I do like, one of which is a G&L double barrel clean boost (+30 db). I used it in the past to add a nice crunch on the first gain stages or in the effects loop as a unity or solo bump. I never us it much over 11 o'clock, I assume its less than 15 db of boost at that point, however by ear never more than to add a bit of pick sensitivity break-up, not full distortion. I am not sure I need to, or want to, add this to my input on the Tweaker, however I wanted to check with you guys if is ok to attempt to use with this amp. My thought it it might let have a little bit of what the 88 model offers, with out as much control, however I wanted to hear it from the ones who invented the beast.
Thanks for making such an awesome amp. Once you plug it, you can tell not only does Egnater know what they are doing, they care about how they do it as well. You have a new faithful follower.
Eric Hilty

Renegade 212: "I've found my sound..."
My new Renegade 212 arrived yesterday by FedEx. I could not wait to get it unpacked and plugged in. One of my music buddies was here when it arrived, so we were like to kids at Christmas. My first impression was beautiful quality. I had already watched all the youtube videos that I could find and read the owners manual from, so I was very familiar with what I need to do to set it up to plug my Les Paul in.
The first thing I want to say is (where has this amp been all my life). I have never had this much fun playing through an amp in my life. I had walked by these several times at the music store and never really payed much attention to them. Man, was that a mistake.
The control that I have is unbelievable. The tone is unbelievable. I have already, told several of my buddies.
I can not wait to get into a live situation. I have owned everything from Fender, Boogie, Marshal, Vox, Roland and more. They all fell short in my opinion. The Renegade is really the perfect amp for my needs. I've played in bands for over 40 years, Toured Eastern Europe with Janey Grine, Competed in the International Blues Challenge in Memphis. Last year, I was asked to be the lead guitarist for the Celebrity Theater in Holy Wood, CA and played in every kind of club/dive/festivals etc. that you can think of. As you already know, guitar players are always looking for the sound. It took me a long time. I've found my sound. Please keep me posted on any new products that you are coming out with. I'm a fan.
Thank You
Greg Sell

My first review ...
Bruce--I have been playing since I was 12. I'm 61 now. I bought a Tweaker 15, honestly, because I needed a lightweight head to carry for gigs. While I liked the amp in the store, I fell in love with it after playing a few gigs with it. It is the best amp I have ever owned--and I have owned many. It is loud enough to keep up with the band and the tone is what I have always dreamed about. Not to mention the "feel" and response from the amp. Wonderful. I leave my 40 watt Allen Old Flame home these days.
I wrote a review of the product. If you'd like to see it, it is here:
I have honestly never been happier with a musical purchase. Long live Egnater!
Al Carmichael

"Very close to "the holy grails" of both clean and overdriven sounds" - User review
For years I wanted to buy a 2x12" combo from Egnater. One of the features that drew me to the amp, was the tube mix.
That I find to be a brilliant thing, since – maybe mostly in my head – El84 and 6L6/6V6 reproduce drive and clean signal a bit different.
It's sort of like the holy grail of clean sound is a fender Twin and for overdrive a Mesa Mk2. But as I said, it might mostly be in my head.
So I was sitting on my 'puter, checking prices around the world and adding in the shipment, taxes and that stuff.
The problem at the time was that I had a Mesa/Boogie I had to get rid of to get the money needed to buy it, and that wasn't quite so easy as I had expected.
But long story short, I didn't end up with an Egnater.
But now I have – TWO!!!
I went to the post office to collect them. Threw them in my car, not THREW since I treat all my gear with more respect than my wife, but I got them home.
I had to slightly modify a Budda 2x12" closed back so I could run both heads through it – it will be reset to original state since I bought a second one.. J
Plugged my pedalboard to it, and took my Suhr M2 down from the wall, and now the fun part begins.
Just to hear how my old rig worked, I didn't do anything else than set the controls a 12 o'clock and turn up the master a bit and start opening up on the pre-amp.
My "old rig" being a Genz-Benz Black Pearl 30 212. Not a bad amp, not bad at all. But next to these little monsters..
And it simply just sounds like… Butter, strawberries with vanilla cream, warm apple pie with vanilla ice cream on the side.. In other words, it's sounds sweet.
I don't have the opportunity, often, to crank it up since it mainly lives in my living room. But every now and then I have to, just to be able to know how it sounds on a higher volume.
That's all down to Bruce's "tech talk" where he talks about the loss of low and high ends at lower volume. Thou I usually find that high ends are enough of even at lower volumes, it's the body 8bass) that is missing.
Thus leading me to up the bass at home and I wanna know my gear so well that I know how much to dial back on the bass when I turn the volume up.
One of the first things I always do when I get my hands on a new toy, is to plug the guitar into the amp, without anything else than a buffer between the guitar and the amp.
The buffer gives me the GUITAR tone, without the LPF in play – why don't amps have a switchable buffered input???
Just to make sure that the guitar sounds like it should on its own in the amp – the gain half a notch from crunch if I go a bit hard on the strings.
And it's easy on the Egnaters, just plug and play – really.. Connect your guitar, turn it up and you are there. Just like good stuff should be. I must confess, that I am lazy. I don't bother tinkering too long with stuff to find "my tone". There is too much good gear out there, to waste time on gear that requires hours on "dialing in" to find a sweet spot.
So I tend to go for gear that got lots of sweet spots that I can use. And now I have a small rig that gives me, almost, everything I want to have in a rig.
The only thing I am missing is a "red box output" on the amps, but Radial got solutions for that. And I would love to see the Rebel 20 in a 50W single-channel head.
But the end of it all. With these amps, I am very close to "the holy grails" of both clean and overdriven sounds.
I got a stereo setup, that consists of; Visual Sound Buffer, Ernie Ball volume, T.C. Electronic PolyTune, Xotic BB+, Radial Trimode, Voodoo Lab Sparkle Drive, T.C. Electronic NOVA system
Guitars (in plural when I get them all); Suhr.
Amps; Egnater Rebel 20 heads
Cabinets (in plural when the second arrives) Budda 2x12" closed back.
Finn Engen

Egnater Tweaker In-Depth Review
Early last year I had a back problem and needed to pick up a lightweight tube amp for my gigs. This led me directly to the Egnater Tweaker 15. After a brief audition at Guitar Center, I purchased a Tweaker head, hoping that, with micing, I would be able to use it on gigs in place of my heavy and back taxing 40 watt a guitar amplifier. From the first gig, I knew this head was a keeper and I am here to walk you through the main features of the amplifier, besides the back saving joy of its mere 15 pound weight.
The Tweaker is a brilliantly executed guitar amplifier with a number of tonal features that allow the guitarist to dial in the exact sound that is desired. Basically, we can divide it into six separate amplifier styles—three clean and three overdriven. The Tweaker has three main preamp colors---American (read 'Fender'). AC (as in Vox AC 15) and Marshall, a la the 18 watt Marshall amps of yore. When paired with the clean/hot switch, we get six unique guitar amp sounds and responses.
But lets go through the amp step by step, to better understand the product at hand. Moving from left to right on the front panel, we have the power switch, then a standby switch. Nice to see the standby switch in a small head, as so many 15 watt amps do not offer it. The next switch is a vintage/modern switch. It allows two options for response. The vintage mode gives more amp "sag" or compressions, while the modern mode gives a slightly more punchy and forward response.
The next control is the master volume. It is a bit finicky. From off to around 12 o'clock, the amp is fairly quiet. There is a big boost between 12 and 1 o'clock, and after that, most of the gain is about output tube saturation. Think clean up to 1 and shades of tube overdrive from 1 to 5. Around 2 is perfect for clean Fender, Vox and Marshall.
The tone section consists of treble, mid and bass controls, along with two switches—bright/normal and tight/deep. The tone controls themselves are a compromise between the three emulated amps. They are voices perfectly to cut the desired frequency, and Bruce Egnater has designed the tone circuit more toward Marshall gain than the Fender gain structure. This means that the amp has more available power. The normal/bright switch acts like a bright switch on a Fender amp. It works great. The tight/deep switch cuts the lowest bottom, which is good when you want to dial the amp into overdrive.
The last knob on the front panel is the "gain" knob. From 9 to around 10, the user will find abundant cleans. From there, we get into slightly crunchy territory.
The final switch on the front panel is the clean/hot switch. In all preamp modes, this toggles between a clean input and an overdriven input. Varying the gain and master yields a number of delicious overdriven sounds when the hot switch is employed. It is difficult to make this amp sound bad. Bruce has given us a little holy grail and it is a beauty.
Looking at the back panel, there are three noteworthy features. First, there is an effects loop. I use mine to insert a TC Electronics Hall of Fame Reverb pedal, since the Tweaker has no internal reverb. It works like a charm, perfectly and silently.
Second, we have the output section, which can be set to 4, 8, or 16 ohms. The user can specify a Main and an extension cabinet and set the ohms accordingly. Nice feature.
Last, the amp is international and can be set to the available power in different countries. The power cord is removable and is like a standard computer 3 prong power cable. Easy to replace should you lose the original. And, as a bonus, the head comes with its own gig bag. Nice!
I have always assumed that a 15 watt amplifier is good for practice sessions but not for live gigs. The Tweaker changed my mind. Using the Egnater Tweaker head and a 12 inch Kendrick Blackframe speaker, I am able to deliver about the same volume level as I did using my 40 watt Allen Old Flame. I even had a soundman tell me to turn down on an outdoor gig! Yes, it can get plenty loud. That was a big surprise for me. In fact, I have decided that I will buy a second Tweaker and sell my high powered rig. Everything I need is in the Tweaker.
From pure Fender clean to Vox chine to Marshall grind, I can dial in all those tones with this amplifier. I've played many amps in my day, but nothing has sounded better to me that the Tweaker. I'm not sure how Egnater can offer such a high quality, boutique amp for this price, but I can truly say that I wish this would have been my first amp. It probably would have been my last. And, as a recording amp, it is the Swiss Army knife of tones. Simple, beautiful and tonally perfect. Thank you Bruce Egnater. You have set the bar.
A review by Al Carmichael

Dear Egnater,
I am not accustomed to sending letters of praise to anyone but in this instance decided it was a must. After playing guitar for 30 years and never really being happy with my tone I finally tried an Egnater Tweaker 88. As the subject one suggests I have been on a journey to this point, owning Vox, Fender, Cornford, Blackstar, Peavey and Boogie gear in the past and recently spending time demoing everything from Orange to Two Rock! None of these amps really gave me a great clean and a great distorted tone. I had resorted to building a major pedal board and running a Cornford Hurricane for dirt and an AC30 for cleans. What a nightmare, too much gear and too many breakdowns, especially the Vox. Enter the Tweaker 88. Upon plugging a Suhr S2 into one in my local guitar shop I was instantly amazed. I found it practically impossible to locate a bad tone from the amp, rather any fiddling lay or should I say tweaking just delivered another interesting tone be it clean or dirt. The clean tones can be Fenderish or Vox like and completely flattered the out of phase selector on my Suhr to deliver plenty of twang or SRV like grunt with the gain increased. The dirt channel was even better with all sorts of rich harmonics and an almost "brown" sound easy to locate. This head loves to feedback beautifully for all sorts of solo histrionics even at low volumes. I just loved it and bought it there and then decking a boxed one in favour of taking the one I was playing through. I cannot praise this amp enough and to top it off it is less than a quarter of the price of some of the amps I had considered buying. Try one and yh might see the light like it did. Thanks Egnater!
Darren, Birmingham, UK

Hi Bruce and the Egnater gang, Great amps! We bought one for our daughter last year and it has become one of her favorite amps to perform with. Being a proud dad I was wondering where I could get an Egnater teeshirt to proudly support this fine brand.
Our daughter "Katie" is the lead guitar player for an all girl teenage rock band called Siren, check them out at They recently finished their first EP which was produced by a close friend of the band "Jason Bonham". Katie and the girls are back in the studio working on their first full sized album which is being recorded at the Miami Studio Center. A tour through Europe over the next six months is currently being worked on so we are very excited about that possibility.
The folks at Miami Studio Center are very impressed with the Egnater 4100 Tourmaster and are using it on most of the new tracks Katie is laying down. I've attached some photos we took of Katie and her Tourmaster and wanted you all to know that this one hell of a amp that has helped Katie find her sound.
Thanks for making such a wonderful amp,

Renegade is the one!
I've played through Marshall Super Leads, Jubilees, and have never gotten a tone as good as the renegade! I play in the style of Fresh Cream Clapton, Paul Kossoff, Page, Peter Green, and Bonamassa. This amp is what I've always wanted!
Chris Peroni

Rebel-30 plays right note
Played the Rebal 30 at Guitar Center..I have a Line6 Bogner,Marshall 205H and a Boogie Triple v....and None of those do what I want them to do..But I think I may have found true love in the 30,WOW!!Its like my old Showman but with more punch and articulation.I just want to try a few more of your amps befor I decied what to go with...wish me luck !!!!...oh and thaks for being awesome !! sincerly Stephen Doman

Vengeance is mine!
I play in two bands. My other band members do nothing but rant and rave about egnater amps. I just bought the vengeance and its on its way. Very excited!
Anthony Lefty

One happy Tweaker!
I've been looking for just the right amp... Head/Cab - and I think I've found it in the Tweaker 88.
Randy Pitawanakwat

Money-making tone
I just played a gig with my new Renegade. I dialed in a bit of grit on channel 1 running pure 6L6 and more crunch on channel 2 running pure EL34. I added a chorus to glisten things up on some of the quieter passages and I knew I had it nailed when between sets our lead guitarist came over shaking his head and said "Man, you got that 'money making tone' going! I could not have been happier. Thanks Bruce!
Kind Regards,
Robert Kappel

King of the Blues delivers his Egnater Amps Verdict
Wow ..... The Tourmaster is really the monster I've been waiting for. I love the versatility of the 4 channels. You can get the punchy, compressed modern sound and the bright, clean, crisp vintage sound all in one rig. I'm loving it and so are the people. Thanks again for this wonderful rig, it'll be rockin out Friday night at the Robert Johnson International Juke Joint Festival in Jackson,Miss.
Peace and Love
"2011 King of the Blues"

Rebel-30Rebel-30 kicks!
Just wanted to drop a line about your Rebel 30. I am a Boogie guy who lost the ability to use amps on stage at our church due to the sound guy thinking his work was more important that the guitar player's.(Imagine that!) After going through a couple of popular digital units I suppose I was spoiled to the Mesa tube sound I was used to. I tried the Rebel 30 because of a recommendation from an amp tech who talked about the Silent record/xlr out function but after reading the many reviews on line about the unit, was still unsure as to whether it worked as advertised. The amp sounds great through my speaker cab but until I tried it onstage with the xlr out to the house system I was still wary about my decision to buy it. Well, to keep this short, after hearing playback of a couple of services using the rebel 30, all I can say is that it performs better that I could have hoped it would. I have had no issues with the amp after 6 months of using it and just wanted to say thanks for a great sound.
Greg Bristol

From Russia with love
Hi guys, greets from Russia. I've bought Egnater Rebel-20 head about a year ago and all I have to say is that it's awesome. Somehow you've maged to build an ideal machine for local scene gigs in small venues that also very good at rehearsal places and at home. I've spent a lot of time in search for a small affordable amp with great tone controls and overall flexibility, I've tried a lot of low-power amps, Vox Nighttrain for example, but nothing really compares to Egnater. I play in a local alt-rock band Panda Rhei, you can check it out at
Thanks again.
Pavel Borisov, Russia, Moscow.

Tourmaster is "best ever"
I am now the incredibly proud owner of an Egnater Tourmaster 2x12. This amp is the everything I need and more. Every tone that I knew and loved are in this amp. The tones that have been so elusive floating around in my head (I thought that I could never find them :) are so easy to find in The Egnater Tourmaster. before this amp I have played through a MesaBoogie RoadKing for almost 5 years. and I love Mesa and could find great cleans and all the Rhythm Rock/Metal tones I needed.
but the leads I wanted were always out of reach no matter how I tweaked it or what I put in front of it. all in all I thought that since I'm such a tone snob that the perfect amp would never exists and I should b thankful for the RoadKing Coming close and had added a Bogner to reach closer to some of the more elusive leads I needed that the Mesa Couldn't get.
Even though That Mesa Head cost me an arm and a Leg I think good tone is worth it. But behold a Friend called me up jumping for joy telling me I have to play this new company called Egnater. I thought great its probably another boutique company that makes one trick pony's that cost you the price of a car. I am so Glad that I was Wrong. After testing out your Renegade amp I had to pinch myself because I was in Awe of how easy it was to use and how Fucking amazing it sounded at any volume and was dialing in the Best Sparkling cleans, AC/DC crunch and saturated Blues and Rock leads I have ever heard. however only having 2 channels I couldn't justify getting ride of my RoadKIng. Even though the tones out of the Renegade made me play and feel better than I have in Years.
I told my Friend at Guitar Center my Quire. he said wait here man. and brought out an Egnater Tourmaster 2x12. When I saw that it had 4 channels my heart started to pound like I was 14 years old on a date with a Playboy playmate. I immediately grabbed a Vintage Les Paul and plugged in. OMG I thought that I was dreaming or had died and this was Tone Heaven. Channel 1 has the best cleans ever. I would put it up against a old Fender twin reverb. Channel 2 can be just as pretty but turn the Gain up a little bit and you can get a slightly snarly blues tone that is so Round and Delicious. Channel 3 is the Holy Grail of Blues-Rock-Metal Rhythm and Lead sounds. I could Dial in the sweet Rock Rhythm Of my RoadKing and sculpt the tone even more. and then I found the sweetest lead tone I have ever heard or felt.
I was in sustain and Clarity and Saturation heaven I played this lead sound so long with my eyes closed that when I opened them I realized a crowd had gathered around. I knew that this wasn't just me loving this sound. If this amp just had these three channels it would be more than worth it. But there is another Channel. Channel 4 must have been forged in the extreme shred Metal realm of Hell.
I love the Heavy Scooped rhythm Tones like a Mesa Rectifier and The Punching Metal tones of a JCM800 Plexi. and the Lead tones on Channel 4 are so shredalicous that anyone who likes to play fast or loves sustain will want to marry this channel. The Amount of Clarity This amp has even with The Gain Set to 11 is astounding. And I haven't even tested the Reverb at this point. the universal reverb that it has is just Lucius and so warm and pretty. Density and presence had an extra dimension I have never heard in these controls on other amps.
The switchable Contour control on each channel is amazing and is just like an extra shot of Espresso if tonal shaping were coffee. I already needed to have immediately I wasn't leaving the store without it. my dream amp had finally come true and it fell in my lap. I thought to myself the only thing the RoadKing has over this is the option to select different power sections. Then I looked at the back panel and saw that I could set any channel from anywhere to 10-100 Watts and in an easy to use very simply laid out way ( much unlike the RoadKing).
And had a Record out making it easy to go through the house sound system without miking the Speakers. and the speaker simulation on the record out is as good as it gets. The Effects loop has a Parallel or series option and is one of the best effects loops I have ever used. A lot of effects loops have a tendency to suck a little bit of your tone out. but not with the Egnater it stays strong and clear and unaffected.
I was Stunned by the fact that Bruce Egnater someone who I had never heard of had built an amp that seemed like he knew me and everything I was looking for in guitar sounds. I instantly raced 1 mile to my Hollywood apartment got my RoadKing Head traded it in for the TourMaster 2x12 and got a couple hundred dollar check for the price difference!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!! So yeah I had to let go of my long lasting MesaBoogie fetish but in my mind I literally got paid to Get the Amp of my Dreams. I can't tell you enough how happy I am with this amp. any time I play it. Weather in my Bedroom using 10 Watts or Onstage Cranking out 100 and Shredding my Ass Off. The Egnater TourMaster is the First Amp Ever to truly satisfy me. I had to use a Mesa Dual Rectifier A Marshall Plexi and a Bogner Alchemist to get all the tones that I wanted before. Now I just wheel in One Combo. The Egnater TourMaster I can get any one of those Mesa, Marshall, Vox, Fender or Bogner tones and do it Better and with its own Tonal and sonic personality and footprint. I am now a Die Hard Egnater supporter and Fan. and Use the TourMaster for everything now. Bruce Egnater is Genius and has done what I thought was impossible without a million dollars. Thank you so so much for Creating the TourMaster it is the Best Amp I have ever Seen, heard, Owned or imagined... Keep up the good work at Egnater.
PS: Look out for Videos I'm gonna post of me playing my Ass off on this TourMaster super tone Beast Machine. Thanks to everyone at Egnater for creating such a amazing company that's also honest with there prices. I appreciate it From the Bottom of my Heart.
Adam, Los Angeles, CA

Tweaker fan-base grows
Just wanted to fullfill this tweaker amp combo cause it sounds almost as good or better than a Dumble overdrive deluxe amp from the 1970's from you tube it has magnificent sounds pristine even with a bit of solid state mushiness even the players on you tube have the cutest best sounding amp currently in production with this low wattage amp very fiery than my Hi-mu amp which has 3 channels and real tubey from the 1990's. Hi-mu no longer in production but it sure rivals the egnater tweaker (tubes may have it). I am pleased with this egnater tweaker combo amp and its sonic purities. Even on you tube the players sound fantastic through the egnater tweaker surely one of best sounding amp on the market. Right on egnater keep it flowing mono to mono.
Roger Chun

Amazing Renegade
Just wanted to let you know that I recently acquired a Renegade 112. It really is amazing to hear the vast amount of tone this amp can produce. Clean tones are incredibly delicious, and the distortion is great as I tend to prefer the EL34 tube sound more than 6L6, but the added tube mix feature is a unique perk. The footswitch is another plus, as I for one do not like to dance around smacking pedals, I want to focus and enjoy playing. So, the footswitch is really a hit with me with its boost capability added. Build quality is phenomenal much like an M1 Abrams tank very nicely done!
Ruben Trevino

History in the making
Bruce and your team will go down in history,until now i have yet to be blown away in the world of tone,i wish nothin but success for egnater...just got my renegade head my marshall jcm is long gone now after hearing this magic,i used to have pedals all around me to get good sound,i dont use them now..its almost as if you read my mind when renegade was born.i read blogs where some were complaining about there effects loop,i couldnt tell you how many repairs ive had done to my marshall head and it doesn't hold a candle,ive owned two mesa's and one marshall,to me,your the next legend of amp makers..tight on the budget but i want to get the tweaker 88,armagedon...congrats on everything and for giving me a reason to not put my guitar down.
Chad Vaccaro

Grandpa can still jam
I just had to chime in on this feedback page you have on your website. 22 years ago I gigged. I did studio work, you name it. Back then I played through a 100 watt Marshall half stack. I quit playing, got married, had babies, same old story everywhere you go. Anyway, 3 months ago I started playing again. I was in the market for an amp, so I go to our local shop and start playing through some. First was a Line 6 half stack, then the new stripped down version of the Marshall half stack, and being older and more patient, I told the guy these sounds just aren't cutting it, I wasn't "feeling it". It was then that I seen the Egnater display, I asked about it, the sales guy rolled a Renegade 212 into the sound proof room and hooked it up. When I strummed that A chord my jaw about hit the floor. He seen my reaction and said he'd leave us two alone for a while. I started playing, and I was just astounded by the rich, driving sustain coming out of this masterpiece. I must have lost myself in the sound, when I looked up 3 20 somethings were standing at the door listening in approval. I told them, "yep, grandpa can still jam too". They just nodded and told me I was "shredding it". I guess that the new lingo for playing well??? I hope...Anyway, I will no longer need to buy an amplifier now that I have the 212. I will however buy an extension cabinet down the road to match it. Thank you to your whole team for the hard work and dedication to your craft. You guys have nailed it. I now call my Renegade 212 a marshall KILLER!!! Again, thanks!!!!!

Perfect match
I just wanted to let you all know the Renegade and Tourmaster412A cabinet make a great match. I have heard good sound before, but I think, for my ears, this is the end of the line for the "best sounds to dial in combo". Thanks Bruce for the R&D and finding a solution of the best of both worlds of EL34 and 6L6's. My one amp now does it all, at least, everything I need it to do. I also enjoy how quiet the idle is. Even with the masters turned to 1 o'clock the hiss is minimal, and there is no ground hum at any volume setting. I barely hear the fan, from the front, with my ear next to the head. I don't write much, but thought I'd drop you a small message. Thanks for a sweet sounding amp and of course to Celestion for the 4 Vintage 30's. The accidental feedback even sounds awesome.
Gary from Arizona

Renegade: We've got it covered!
I first tried an Engater Renegade in the Summer, on the recommendation of a friend who had heard good stuff about the Rebel. I plugged a guitar in and opened it up and the tone just seemed to jump out at me! Amazing, rich with warm clean tones which surpassed my Fender Hotrod Deluxe and distortion which held together and exceeded any valve amp I ever played through (the list is long and includes some very high-end and vintage stuff!). I then touched the "MAIN 2" button on the footswitch and it lifted the volume about 10Db and gave me a nice touch of feedback. Amazing. It is also surprisingly quiet even at high gain.
I finally bought the Renegade head and it is quite simply the best amp I have ever had. Apart from the incredible tone it is very well built and the footswitch layout is perfection : simple layout with everything I could want - channel select, effects in/out, reverb and, best of all, a second volume (independently settable for each channel) so you can boost clean or distorted.
I bought a second hand Renegade head sans cover and my only gripe is that you cannot get spares. I exchanged mails with Nate (true to form he replied in a few milliseconds) who said they "don't stock covers". He suggested I get one on eBay (apparently Egnater are unable to get a replacement covers from the manufacturer!). Good humour value but otherwise not very helpful.
John Barclay, UK

Renegade love
I have been a Fender amp guy for a good part of my musical career. In my world Fender amps was the closest to suit my musical needs. Playing for over 30-years I would be lying if I wasn't a little jaded. So going into my first demo of an Egnater I was just thinking to myself "Here we go again…another amp on Guitar Center's Hype list!" But after plugging into an Egnater Renegade head, my musical world opened up! 65-watts, master volume, boost volume, super tweaking capabilities…There was nothing about this amp that I didn't like. You could also tell that the designs we definitely made by someone who not only was a master of his craft of building amplifiers but someone who also was a musician. Someone who built amps with both schools of thought in mind when he created this wonderful amps. I have since sold my Fender amps and have not looked back. Egnater is my new #1.
Chuck McCrory

Love from Europe
My name is Umberto and i'm from Italy. First of all i'd like to say that i'm very proud of my Rebel 20!
I didn't even know anything about your products because all the musical store nearby the city where i live (the Name is Alba and it's in the north part of Italy in Piemonte..) have more "common" type of amps of well known other companies (Fender, Marshall, Mesa Boogie...and so on..) but last week i went to one of those store (which is pretty much big ;)) and I found how A LOT OF TONES CAN FIT INTO ONE LITTLE AMP!
This amp allows me to have a real alternative sound and i think that the most important thing for those who are trying to EXPRESS THEM-SELF THROUGH MUSIC is to have the chance to CREATE their own sound.
In my opinion (...i'm not famous, i'm not a pro-musician...i just play the guitar in my band) this amp really gives me the possibility to REACH THE RIGHT TONE!
What else to say?....oh right....THANK YOU!!

Tweakin' the Tweaker
I've had my Tweaker head for 4 months now and the honeymoon is still going strong! I
'd been looking for a low wattage head that could do two things...sound like a cranked Blackface Bassman head through a guitar loaded with P90 pickups, or sound like a cranked Plexi Marshall through a guitar loaded with humbuckers, without requiring an airplane hanger to crank it up in and not blow the roof off the joint (or get the police called).
This is the amp for what I wanted to achieve. Change guitar, flip 2 mini switches, good to go! I can use it in my house and its still more than loud enough to play with my Tuesday night jam band.
I used to use a pretty big pedalboard with my other amps, but I pretty much just plug straight into the Tweaker now 'cause I love the mainline tone I'm getting... I think the pedalboard is gonna be up for sale shortly.
Scott Fowler
Murfreesboro, TN

Renegade rocks!
I just got my Egnater Renegade and cranked the thing up in band practice. Holy crap! This thing is LOUD and sounds great! I started my all tube journey with a Peavey Windsor, which is a great amp, but lacked versatility and gain. So I blind bought an Engl Fireball, and was extremely happy at first. However, the Engl has absolutely no cut to it. I was getting lost in the mix every night, no matter EQ I tried! So I sold the Engl after 2 years and tried out an Egnater Renegade at Guitar Center. After 5 minutes I knew I would be walking out the door with it. The amp sounded remarkable, had all of the features I wanted, and the TUBE MIX. Are you all geniuses? The Tube Mix is the best invention for electric guitar amps since the effects loop!
I recently found out in the manual that I can home-bias my amp to run on KT77's, 6550's, and KT66's. Insanely cool.
The clean channel is one of the best I've ever heard. Everyone says "Go Fender" for cleans, I say "Go Egnater!" The dirty channel sounds pissed and really brings out the aggression in the music I play.
Thank you for making the best sounding amp I've ever owned.
Much love, John K.

Rebel-20 love
I have to tell you, my Rebel 20 head and cab is awesome. I have been playing for 15 years and could never find "my" tone. I bought "The Reb" (my name for it) about a year and a half ago, and it became my main rig at once. I play for an Alt-Country band in San Antonio, TX, and it is perfect. It is loud enough for the small rooms, and for the bigger rooms, I throw a mic in front of it. My band released an EP a couple of months ago, and I didn't use a single overdrive pedal at all (and I am a pedal freak). Thanks so much for making my dream amp!
Justin Myres

Rebel-20 happiness
This amp is perfect for my needs,I'm a working muscian playing small clubs and venues 5 nights a week during the day in my spare time I do some recording in my home studio,tone was my first concern in making the purchase,the Rebel cleans up really nice and sparkely,and the overdrive on this thing is more than I'll ever use,my main music interest are classic rock,country, and blues which I can truely say this thing does an outstanding job,the second concern was mobility, in my music carreer I lugged around a JCM 900 half stack for 10 yrs,then scaled down to a Fender Prosonic at 65lbs....this thing is less than 40 lbs...head and cabinet.I brought it to a gig and the owner laughed, by the end of the weekend I could have sold 3 of em'.I'm now in the process of selling the Prosonic, and purchasing another one of these with another cabinet and use an A/B box but for now my rig is a Strat >Tube Screamer>Crybaby>Rebel-20-/ Holy Grail thru the effects loop,which I also like, it does'nt mess with your tone,and after all thats what we are all after everything else is cake.
John Finley

Renegade Rocks!
Just got my Renegade Head and 2x12 Cab home, and WOW, OMG, WTF... and any other three letter word/acronym to describe absolute and utter amazement!!! Absolutely the best amp I've ever owned, and, as so many other happy customers (I'm sure) have told you, there have been many. I have been playing for over 30 years, and actually just sold a early 70's Marshall head to get the scratch for the Renegade 1/2 stack (or is it a quarter), and for the first time ever, after letting a vintage piece go, have absolutely NO buyers remorse!!!! I honestly can't remember EVER being so excited about a new piece of gear! This amp will be with me for a VERY long time!!! Thanks Bruce and the rest of the Egnater team... To say you guys ROCK, is the understatement of the century!!!! Man, what else can I say, but THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! This actually started out as a T-Shirt request, and turned into a thank you letter, without me even realizing - So, I guess I should ask Cheers!

Tweaking the Tweaker!
My very first Egnater. I have had the Tweaker for one day and Oh My God what an amp!!! I am hard pressed to find a bad tone in this little box. Thanks for building such a great amplifier!!! It is simply amazing the TONE that this thing has.
Kevin S.

New recruit
I've been a Carvin user since the early 80's. This past September I bought a Legacy II. I've been having trouble with it and had to send the chassis back. I decided I'm done with them. I looked at everything and decided to buy a Renegade 112 combo which arrived today. Well this is hands down the best amp I have ever owned. I love it. The sound is amazing and the versatility is beyond belief.
I've been playing now for over 40 years and have used or owned everything. This is the most thought out amp design I have ever seen. Being a church musician I need to play everything from hymns to the loudest contemporary stuff. It sure does it all.
Just wanted to drop a note to let you know. Also, being an administrator of a popular OMD, believe me the word will be out there.
Thanks for a great amp,
Tony Campisi

Download the song!
I'm a very good friend with a Tempe az guitar center manager. I've had a sponsorship through mesa boogie for a year' and a triple rec for nine. I fired up the rebel for a recording session and left the boogie in the car the rest of the time! Since then I traded straight up for it. I'm salvating over the armagedon and will be eagerly waiting! Check us at on itunes or we have a promo with AOL to download Echoes The Fall the song is "free" and I hope to be an asset to your company!
Thanks, Michael echoes the fall

Tweaker rocks!
After 43 years of searching for good tone in at least a dozen other amplifiers and too many guitars, I have finally found it in the Egnater Tweaker! I picked up one a few days ago at our local GC after listening to only 3 NOTES!!! Being an engineer, I love tweaking knobs and optimizing settings on practically ANYTHING. Well... "The Tweaker" is a tone tweaker's paradise! From crystal clean, pristine sound, to searing sustain from heaven, this amp doesn't have a bad sound in it. I can literally plug in any guitar, and no matter what the settings may happen to be, the thing sounds great! And then after I'm done tweaking the various switches and tone controls, it sounds AWESOME!! I really like the interplay between the switches and the tone controls. The Vintage/Modern switch produces a very evident change in tonality and punch, the 3-way USA/AC/BRIT switch makes a big difference in the tone controls' characteristics and amp tone, the Bright/Normal switch really adds sparkle to the highs and makes the treble control behave differently (there is a big difference in turning up the Treble and turning on the Bright switch...), the Tight/Deep switch really adds warmth to the low end when Deep is selected and is great when chording my Tele, and finally, the Hot/Clean switch does just exactly what you think it does... from clean to mean!
From chiming clean chords, to tight, bright funk rhythm, to chunky comping, to bluesey leads with a bit of overdrive, to gorgeous singing sustain, my new "Tweaker" has it all. And the icing on the cake is THE PRICE! Everyone can afford one of these things. I have not been able to get the smile off my face since I plugged in...
My hats off to the guys at Egnater... keep up the fantastic work fellas.
Tony Bosco, Signal Mountain, TN

Rebel 20 amp and Rebel 112X
I don't often write a company to tell them my opinion of their products, but in this case I will make an exception. I bought a Rebel 20 amp and Rebel 112X speaker cab a couple of months ago and I have very rarely ever been so pleased with a product. I have been playing guitar for 34 years, and while most of that time I primarily played acoustic guitar (mostly in bluegrass bands), I have also played electric guitar quite a bit over the years, including several years in rock bands.
Last fall, I left the bluegrass band that I had played in for the last seven or eight years. I was fairly burned out, and didn't hardly pick up a guitar or any other instrument for about six months. When I felt like playing music again, I wanted to play electric guitar primarily. The main influence on my electric guitar playing over the years has been Neil Young, but I wanted to play some type of music that was fresh and different to me. I got the Rebel 20 and matching speaker cab after trying a number of amps at the Guitar Center in Austin, TX (thanks to DK and Justin for their patience!). I loved the different sounds and how good it sounded with different types of guitars.
I ended up finding a new and fresh (to me at least) form of music: instrumental surf music. The Rebel 20 amp and cab sound great for surf music! I haven't had this much fun playing music in years! It not only sounds great, but also records very well. I primarily play a Fender Telecaster for surf rhythm guitar and one of my Fender Strats for lead guitar. I use a Boss DD-20 delay pedal for slapback, a Digitech Hardwire RV-7 reverb pedal, and occasionally a Boss TR-2 tremolo pedal. I also wired up a TEAC open-reel tape deck and mixer in the effects for genuine tape delay that I sometimes use instead of the delay pedal. I've never had a setup that made me want to play guitar so much.
The Rebel 20 sounded great stock, but I did change the preamp tubes to JJ 12AX7s, including a matched 12AX7 for the phase inverter, which made it sound even a bit smoother.
BTW, the Rebel 20 also sounds great with my ESP LP copy and my Ibanez semihollowbody. And yes, it does a great job with that Neil Young/Crazy Horse sound! All in all, a great-sounding and very versatile amp. Keep up the great work!
Jeff Kilgore

Rebel-30 has wow factor
Wow, that is my word of the week since getting this Rebel 30 head. I have never had an amp that was this good in 40 years of playing, have had fenders, ampegs, JC 120, Trace Elliot, peavey etc…. Always searching for the sound, but here I didn't even have to look. Just plug in and it was there, no matter what setting I used it inspired me to play new and different things, plus all the old tired stuff sounds great. I was originally looking for a small head to play lap steel with lots of gain, ala David Lindley's dumble sound. I kept seeing bigger units until I found the 30 head with the 2 channels. Now I use it for everything as my main amp. My main guitar is an SG, I also play a les paul and various strats and an old tele as well as a couple of national lap steels. It brings out the best character in all of these guitars, as well as inspires me as a player. From Duane Allman to Frank Zappa, this thing nails it all.
I am running it through sealed or open back 1 x12 cabinets with peavey/celestion speakers, respectively, also use a sealed 2x12 with JBLs (stolen wall of sound cabinet from the 1970s grateful dead sound system). If I need more volume I come out the xlr into the 2 power amp inputs of my JC 120. More killer tone than anyone would ever need. The harmonics it brings out on chords, as well as solos are extremely musical and a definite plus.
Anyhow, thanks for making a killer amp at a price I can afford.
John Potenza

New Renegade Owner
Hello and where do I start . I have used Marshall amps for most of my playing life and on Monday I decided to join the Egnater family and bought the Renegade 65w head and 2/12 cab . It was like an awakening The absolute best thing to come down the pike since the pike was built. The looks , The sound and what tone. Again keep up the great work , Keep building great amps . From a new loyal friend. Patrick Smith

My New Favorite Amp
I have never written an amp company (or any company for that matter), about their products. However, after just trying out your Tweaker amp head, and then purchasing it, I just had to write. This is the best amp I may have ever played... and I've played ALOT! It's like an extension of myself. It's the only amp I've ever played that I'm not using ANY effects or pedals of any kind! I'm plugging a Strat straight in and go. And as far as versatility, I feel spoiled by all the options. I haven't found ONE tone I couldn't use. I now love lower wattage amps, and had been using an Express 5:25...not anymore. It's for sale. I can't believe how good this amp is! I was just going to use if for it's going to be my main amp. I'm gushing over this thing. Thanks for making a great product at a great price.
By the way...I went to the store to buy the Vox NightTrain and left with this. I'm telling everyone that will listen about this amp. Thanks again.
Lloyd, Atlanta, Ga

Renegade magic
I do not usually write to comment on an equipment purchase, but I love my new Egnater Renegade 212 combo so much I could not resist telling you. I have gone through many amps in my 40 years of playing guitar, but I think I finally found my tone master. Just so you know, I sold my Mesa Nomad 45 to buy my Egnater Renegade. With all its switches and controls, I still could not get the sound I was looking for from the Mesa. The flexibility, tone, and singing sustain I now get from the Renegade has made many of my overdrive and distortion pedals unnecessary, although I still use them occasionally on the clean channel for a different flavor when desired. Therefore, I also appreciate how pedal friendly the Renegade is compared to my previous amp. The tube mix feature is a work of genius and allows me to get crystalline clean sounds, a growling bite and a warm sustaining lead sound similar to Carlos Santana, Larry Carlton and Eric Johnson (three of my favorite guitarists). I am also impressed with the quality of construction, the thoughtful design of the included footswitch and amp cover, and inclusion of casters (my back thanks you). All of these features at such a great price is simply amazing. Thank you for my new #1 amplifier.
Mark Rubenstein

Tone Masters
My knowledge of your fine products began as I was a STM for Guitar Center. Having dealt with your company directly thru sales of your amps and phone calls for my customers, I found not only the tone I was searching for, but an organization truly in the business of making their customers happy. After all, the end-user is the true product specialist. I consider myself to be, having tried dozens of other amps, one of the aforementioned product specialist. You have given me back my tone.
Thanks, Rod

Tweaker Rocks!
The Tweaker head is the most musical amp I've ever hear in my life...................This thing ROCKS!
So many GREAT TUBE TONEs coming out of this well built Egnater head & I'm still in shock.........
The reviews I've read could not be more spot on about this product & the quality......
If this is what Egnater amps is all about then I'm in for life........
It's so nice to but a product & get more then what was expected...........
The amp is quiet & the stock tubes sound great............
You guys have really out-done yourselves w/ this.........& I thank you all.......
Peace! X-Mann - Guitarist for TMP's "The X-Generation" (all 90's band)

Big Fan of Egnater
I've been playing guitar for over 50 years. I have work for ATT for 37 years in Hi-Cap Digital Services. In the beginning, I played in Professional bands for about 15 years. They were typically Large groups with Horns which covered everything from Santana to Sinatra. I still play with these groups for Large festivals and weddings, however, now typically on weekends.
I very seldom voluntarily take time to write to any one about anything. This would be primarily because I do this all day long with the company.
I've used just about every type of commercial guitar amp available in 50 years. I do not change simply because something is "IN".
I gotta tell you your Tourmaster 4 channel amp along with the 2x12 cabinet is not only versatile, but in my opinion and believe me I'm picky, is truly is the best sounding amp I've heard anywhere to date. I'm one of those people who spends at least, 3 hours a month trying new equipment at the Guitar Center store, which by the way, is 50 miles from my home.
I'm Super impressed with the ease of ability to "dial" Strat Clean, Les Paul saturated and Gibson L5 Clean Jazz sounds.
I have only one observation or request if you will consider. Most Guitar players who play with bands do cover tunes. This cannot be accomplished with some effects.
The days of bringing around stomp boxes have long stopped for me. I use a processor which can MIDI with a tube amp if MIDI is available. This enable's a guitar player to eliminate the large stomp box arrays which are heavy and noisy and stop "foot dancing" trying to add two effects needed for the bridge and then have to change to another combination of 3 different effects. Most of the night, I use simple reverb or a touch of delay. But I also do use Intelligent Harmony and other items if a song requires it.
I would invite you to look at a product made by Line 6 called a Spider mk11 100 watt tube head. It is set up to provide Chorus, Delay, Intelligent Harmony, Phaser, Tremolo, manual and auto Wah along with a few other items. It accomplishes this in a very small space on the amp head and allows the Guitar player to save it to a patch on a multi switch foot board with two volume or voltage controllers. To incorporate this into your Tourmaster head would truly allow us to have our cake and eat it too. If not, then please at minimum, consider a MIDI access.
Thank you for your time
Your fan, Bobby J. Babineaux

Tourmaster Fan
I have been the proud and lucky owner of the Tourmaster 4212 combo for about a 1 1/2 years.
Now I have added the Tourmaster 4100/412A to my musical arsenal. I am absolutely thrilled with this Earth-shaking Powerhouse.
Egnater Amps have brought my playing to a level I thought I would never acheive.
I was first attracted to The Tourmaster by its cool appearance. It definately stands apart from all other amps.
But when I first played the 4212, I was blown away.
Another reason for sticking with Egnater is the great technical support.
When calling Egnater, I actually spoke with someone who builds the Amps.
Even better than that, they were in America, not India, and they spoke clear English.
Egnater keeps America working!
Jay Finkle, Lancaster, Pa

Thanks for the Tweaker
I am writing to express my sincere thanks for coming out with the Tweaker. As a serious hobbyist (but not pro), I have bought and used some good amps but somehow or the other I've never found one that had everything I was looking for. Until the Tweaker.
What I'd been looking for is a versatile tone-stack to cover a wide variety of blues and classic rock music (check), consistent tone
across the volume spectrum (check), ability to use for small gigs as well as at home (check), light weight (check) and great price (check). Oh, and fantastic tone (double check). So when I first heard of the Tweaker, I felt that finally I may have found my ideal amp, but I wanted to see if it really did all that it promised.
Well, I ordered one as soon as Guitar Center put them on sale online, figuring I'd take it back if it didn't measure up (I don't like going
into a store to buy amps; nothing like trying them in your space with your gear). Well, long story short, all my other amps are on sale now. The Tweaker just blew them out of the water and has become my one-and-only amp. And the Vox tone is what really nailed it - Queen riffs never sounded so good.
So, kudos on creating something that felt like it was custom-designed for my needs, without the scary price tag. I am sure there will be many out there who will feel the same way. I wish you the best and hope that the Tweaker becomes a huge hit.
Thanks again, Sandeep Garg
Chicago, IL

Rebel Yell
Hey guys, just wanted to say your amps blow me away. I've been playing for some 25 years, the only amps I've owned were solid state, a Gorilla, Marshall Valvestate, 2 different Peavey Studio Pro's, and the last was a Line 6 Spider... Basically I popped my tube amp cherry with an Egnater Rebel 30 112, after hearing some video demos someone posted several months ago on message board I'm a member of (Dinosaur Rock, under the header "Challenger To The Orange Tiny Terror", I've been wanting one since, and after trying the Rebel 20 I was hooked... And I think your Rebel amps are much better sounding than the Tiny Terror's, as did a lot of people. I never had the cash for a quality tube amp in the past, but I've certainly played through them many many times, and I have to say this little beast is as good as, if not better sounding than any of them. I really wanna say thanks, for making an affordable line of QUALITY tube amps, that doesn't skimp on the sound, there are more than a few affordable tube amps out there today, maybe even a little less expensive, but they don't sound much better than the solid state amps of the same price... Your amps truly sound like the much more expensive $1500 and up heads and combos out there.
Thanks for the awesome amp... Rob Lodespoto, Howell NJ

I am so thrilled with the Tweaker. I no longer have to lug my giant amps around. But I would be cool to have a Matching Verticle 2x12 to go with this "Killer of Giants". I still can't believe I can get the Gain, Balance, and Note Seperation out of this little amp. First New Amp i've bought in 15 Years as well as the first amp I have bought under 50 watts. Big Thanks to Bruce and everyone envolved with this awsome amp.
Shawn Soens

Rockin' Rebel
Need a decent still camera, but here is a vid of my 15 yo playing through his Rebel 20 Stack. Awesome tone
We went out last October to buy a Fender amp but after trying the Rebel 20, we bought a half stack. Christmas enabled us to add an extra cabinet. The amp easily fills the local American Legion, where Joseph has played with his band, without going close to full volume. Great amp with great tone.
Richard Caldicott

Terrific Tweaker
Hey guys, I just wanted to say thanks for making the Tweaker amp. I have used just about every amp known to man, Divided by 13, Matchless, Boogie, Fender, and countless others in an effort to get "my tone" and this one does it in spades. Generally I would consider myself a snob when it comes to amps and guitars. If an amp or guitar doesn't cost at least 3K I usually won't even entertain it because it must be of inferior quality right? That is what blew me away with the Tweaker, an amp that sounds good at that price point I thought was impossible until now. I did a comparison with the Tweaker against my Divided by 13 RSA 23 and my Matchless Clubman 35 with a James Tyler Studio Elite, John Suhr Custom, and a Fender Roadworn strat and I have to admit that the Tweaker held its own. The tone was fat and clear with little noise to speak of. It is an amazing loud amp that you dial down to apartment levels when needed with no appreciable loss of tone. It took pedals great and had a great feel to it. I have been looking for an amp that could do it all and be portable and I finally have found it. Thanks guys.
Michael Pastrallo, Worship Leader

Tremendous Tourmaster
Dear Bruce and all,
This is perhaps a normal email these days for you, but I am writing to say how fantastic your Tourmaster 4212 is. I have been a professional guitarist since '75, playing an additional 10 years before that, and familiar with many brands, modifications, tube preferences, etc. Always have been a bit of a tone hound, and have hauled out various amps to accompany certain guitars, not minding the extra effort involved. To find an amp that does "everything" is a real find. You really have hit the bulls-eye on this one, and I cannot think of a single thing I would want changed. Really amazing work.
Thanks so much!! Wayne

Killer Rebel
I bought a Rebel 20 with a pair of 1x12 cabs shortly after they were released, and everywhere I play fellow players fall under it's spell! Even sound engineers fall in love with it because our stage volume is so easy to work with, yet my tone is fantastic. Recently we got a last minute invite to open for an up and coming band, the scheduled openers ran into some 'personnel' issues and backed out literally hours before the gig. We gladly accepted the gig, which was to take place in a 1000 seat venue. I took my Rebel, as usual. Our sound check was, by neccessity, quite brief. Nonetheless, my Rebel was already gaining attention. During our set I noticed the other bands crew and guitarists commenting on the little amp with the big tone. We finished up, and quickly removed our gear from the stage. A couple of songs into the headliners set I noticed a distinct drop-off on the guitar sound, followed by much scrambling. The rhythm guitarists JCM800 had gone down! Worse, this was his backup amp! His main amp had failed 2 days previously, and was in for repairs. I offered to let him use my Rebel 20. Though they were concerned that my amp could be under-powered, they really didn't have much choice. We plugged it into his 4x12, and fired it up. After some adjustments to their monitors, it became quite obvious that they were impressed with the sound of my little sweetie. Plus they sounded great! After their set I was treated like royalty, my little Rebel had saved the gig, and done it with style. They offered to buy it from me right there, for a tidy profit for me, but I wouldn't part with it. Instead, I told them where they could find new ones in the city they played at next, my favorite shop. I found out later that they did go to that shop the next day, and not only bought a Rebel 20, but also a Rebel 30 combo AND a Renegade head!
There is simply no amp out there that can hold a candle to the Egnater line, in performance, quality or value. The day I found that little amp changed my playing life forever! Thank you so much!

A dream come true
I bought a Renegade 1x12 combo this week. I had a few amps since I play guitar, Boogies, Fender, Fuchs and many others. But I didn't have the tone I was searching for. My orientation are sounds from SRV or M. Landau, a clear, powerful, sometimes aggressive tone with a good sustain. A tone which cuts through the band sound mix. And now the Renegade give me all this features in a superbe quality, clean, crunchy or distorted. The Renegade has a very dynamic tone with fast reaction to your fingers, directly "in your face" tone. Never muddy or fizzy, never! I'm totally enthused about this sound, incredible. Thanks so much for your great Work with this amp!
Joegg from Switzerland

Egnater Rebel-30 Head
Hello Egnater Team! Just wanted to drop a quick line regarding your Rebel 30 Head! I was intrigued by the Egnater after doing some research based on my need for a versatile amp that wouldn't break my back or my wallet! After many hours of research on YouTube, Premier Guitar's website etc, I purchased a Rebel 30 Head from Moog Audio in Montreal.
I received my amp and plugged it in. To say I was immediately impressed would be an understatement! This amp does pretty much anything you want it to do! What is really surprising, isn't the fantastic gain channel (which I expected after seeing the demos online) but the clean channel! In the Youtube videos the gain channel playing made me say "I want, I want!!!" and now that I played it for real it IS the sound I wanted. Then I started using the clean channel and my JAW HIT THE FLOOR! This amp has the sweetest cleans I have ever heard in a 2-channel amp! It is the most versatile, best sounding amp in this price range.
Thanks to everyone at Egnater for this great amp! Keep up the excellent work!!
Jamie Cranford
Mount Pearl, Newfoundland

Egnater Rebel-20
Dear Egnater team, I am the lucky guy who won the rebel-20 amp head at your Guitar Center session in Nashville. I must say, I am completely blown away by the amazing tone! This amp may look like a toy, but it has some major power behind it. The cleans are as crisp as I could have ever hoped for, and the overdrive tones are a force to be reckoned with. On another note, I was completely captivated by your session. The way you run your company is highly commendable. I respect a company who is so dedicated to making a good product, and your work can definitely speak for itself. I just wanted to say thank you for the amp. It will definitely be a major component in my live rig from now on.
Many Thanks, Alec

Tourmaster 4100
I have the Egnater Tourmaster 4100 one of many amps I use , I used to use Boogie, Fender,Marshall, Laney & Randall to name a few …. But your head and 4x12 cab far supersedes your competition. I have never played an amp that has the dependability, versatility and reliability that you guys put out. You are at the top of your game, I am purchasing another 4100 stack to run stereo for the other side of the stage. I play in an OZZY/Sabbath Tribute band called 'Off the Railz" here in NYC and I am capable of getting all the different era's sounds to a T - Randy, Tony, Jake and Zakk.

I would highly recommend this amp and cab to anyone who wants top grade road worthy equipment. 4 Channels, wattage control, you guys have to all. Looks like the future looks good for you guys, you ALL do fine work, keep it up. I will be a fan and player for life. Your guys rule. Great customer service too, you stand behind your product 100%, while other try and buck the system or make excuses your find a solution if something should arise. Rock on !
John – Guitars

Renegade 212
I am the very proud owner of a Renegade 212 combo - awesome cleans, and dirty gain - more options than a Swiss Army knife and all of them are great. There was a tiny rattle at certain registers, so I sent off an email hoping to hear something back within a couple of days. It was TWO MINUTES LATER!!!!! that I had Nate at Egnater helping me out, and a few days later - a complete set of replacement tubes were at my door to try to get the noise to go away. Customer service that is 2nd to none - build, features and quality of sound that Marshall, Bogner, Fender etc. can NOT match. Great job Egnater!!!!
Mike Ask
Underwood, IA

I just bought my Rebel 30 yesterday. I haven't been able to test it out live yet (I should do that today) but I really love this amp.
Now, on to the accolades. I have been searching for years for an amp with these exact features. So many tone gurus seem laud power tube saturation so I wanted an amp that would let me dial down the wattage in discreet increments. I wanted something that was small yet still had a 12" speaker. And the record/line out (especially with it's speaker emulation) coupled with the power tube blend are welcome bonuses!
I have bought this amp as a second to my Mesa Lone Star. The two amps do NOT sound identical, but this little Rebel is in the same class in terms of quality of sound.
It is fascinating to me that even practicing in my bedroom, the 1 watt setting doesn't allow me to get the master volume above 8:30 (with the tube mix cranked one way or the other).
I wanted to ask about the fantastic direct out. Conventional wisdom is that there is no substitute for a mic'd amp. I used to own a digital modelling amp and had done extensive AB tests between micing it and routing out it's speaker-simulated direct out to conclude that there was an exception for digital modelling amps. But up until owning the Rebel, I had not found an exception within the analog world. Any time I have ever tried a direct out coming from a tube amp, I was severely disappointed.
What did you guys do? Are you using Sans-amp type technology in this line out? I couldn't believe the recorded tone I got. It was a touch dark so I boosted the highs, but what a great sound! You fooled these ears. I'm planning on lining the amp when I play live this evening. I would suggest that your marketing descriptions for this amp highlight this feature in more detail. I'm very impressed.
I expected to simply be able to boost this amp at low volumes with a mic in front of it taking advantage of the 1 watt setting for recording, but to be able to silently record and get the same tone is amazing!
I'm also getting more gain out of this amp then I expected. I'm primarily a blues, classic rock tone player usually trying to coax SRV and Eric Johnson like tones. This amp does those tones well, but when I plugged in my humbucker equipped guitar and boosted the gain to it's upper range, I got a great Marshally-Soldano type tone. Kudos! That's more versatility than what I get out of my Lonestar.
Greg Jones

Rebel & Tourmaster 212x
I traded my Mesa Single Rectifier and Marshall 1960 cab for the Rebel and the Tourmaster 2X12 cab. I feel bad because I feel like i ripped Guitar Center off. This amp is incredible. Anything you need is here. Sparkling clean, bluesy breakup, vintage plexi name it. The only thing this amp isnt great for is Hardcore Metal. Effects Loop works great too!!! I would recommend anyone looking for an amp to try this one a couple of time before they make up their mind. It may look tiny but it keeps up with the big boys for sure. Loud enough for any guitar situation.
Reviewed by Jake on 10/27/2008 who plays Rock, Blues.

Only had the rebel for a couple of days, but I am impressed. The tube mix is a great feature---lets you get a custom tone without being one dimensional. I like the mix between the EL84s and 6V6s. At one watt, this thing cranks! Turn up the gain and look out. Unless you are playing Pauley Pavillion, the Rebel would perform in any small venue. Variety of tones and great ones they are. Very articulate and clean---dirties up well. Paired it with a Tourmaster 2x12 and get nice low end. The Rebel is no toy---it is a serious piece of gear. There are amps with more features, but for a simple, great sounding amp, you can't go wrong. GO REBEL!
Reviewed by Tom D on 11/3/2008 who plays Rock/Metal.

This amp is simply brilliant. I don't know how they did it, but they did it! The 6V6 tone captures every detail of your playing. The harmonics ring from single notes and each chord shimmers. I played a St. Blues w/P-90s tuned to open E and it was one of the best tones I have ever heard from an amp. This side also loves singles coil guitars. The EL84 side is a bit more aggressive, but cleans up easily with your volume knob. A Les Paul (or other humbucker model) is a great match with this side of the amp. Although the mix knob to blend the different tones is very cool, it would be a great feature to also add the capability to A/B the opposing sides with a footswitch. That is just my preference. Otherwise, this amp is phenomenal. Eganter just threw down the gauntlet to other amp builders. If you are thinking about buying the amp, you owe it to yourself to give it a shot. The build quality is excellent, the tone is rich and organic and the price point is unbeatable! A+A+A+
Reviewed by Brian Diller on 10/16/2008 who plays Rock, Blues, Pop, Americana.

I played this amazing little amp for 2 hours straight when I received it. Tried the mix knob in all positions but liked it best in the middle blending both output tubes. Crank the gain knob to 2 o'clock position and the amp sings all day long. The is the best amp I have now. I also have trainwreck Express Clone, Dr Z Stangray, Fender Blues Deluxe, Fender Tremolux Clone, Fender Super Reverb, Line6 Flextone I 212, Fender Deluxe 90, Carvin SX200 4-12, and Fender FM 212. The Rebel puts them all of them in the closet for rock tone, using the DR Z for cleans with 212 blues. Great amp.
Reviewed by Mark Fowler on 10/13/2008 who plays Classic rock and blues.

Tourmaster 4100 & Tourmaster 412A
Turn your head, you will think this is a Marshall half stack. Definately get both cabinets and stack 'em. The headroom on this amp is unbelievable. Sell your other amps, this one's all you need. AMAZING!!!
Reviewed by Lance on 10/16/2008 who plays Rock.

I just bought the Rebel and I am still in awe!! How can such a diminutive amp head sound so huge?? The main thing that sold me on this amp was the high gain articulation. You can max out the gain knob to achieve the most perfect, warm, smooth distortion ever while at the same time clearly hearing every note in a chord perfectly. This is the most articulate sounding high gain amp ever. I have owned a Fender Supersonic, an Orange Rocker 30 and a Traynor YCS50. The Rebel has a more satisfying dirty sound than any of them. Buy it!!
Reviewed by Jim on 10/20/2008 who plays Blues, Rock.

I've been playing every guitar i own thru this amp and they ALL sound great , and i have wayyy too many....this little thing is clean enough for my acoustic, then tweak the controls a little , and its breathing fire... i'll add more to this review after this weekends gigs....
Reviewed by marty smith on 10/13/2008 who plays all styles.

Thank you, Bruce, for making the last amp i will ever need! i mean, you've somehow made a TUBE amp that can go from sparkling Fender cleans, to tasty British crunch, with the twist of a couple knobs. and best of all, THE AVERAGE MUSICIAN CAN AFFORD IT!!! I've tried Peaveys, Marshalls, Fenders, Voxs and even Mesa/Boogies. most of those amps hat are twice or even three times the price don't have the same sound quality of the Rebel. the same day i tried out the Rebel at the Roseville Guitar Centre, i tried out a Valveking, a 6505+, a fender supersonic and a fender deluxe reverb. the Rebel trumped them all.
so one again, thanks for the best damn amp in th world!!
Justin, Watford, ON, Canada.

Well, I had read the teaser hype and seen the NAMM video demo and, to say the least, I was intrigued. Then my local GC got a new Rebel-20 in and I went and tried it out. Whoa! This is one whacked out amp. I carted my precious, mint, blonde piggy back Mesa Mark I Reissue in and traded for the Rebel. Best trade I ever made. This little amp rocks!! I love the ability to blend the 6v6s and the EL84s. The tone is simply "holy grailsville". Thanks Bruce. I owe you one.
Doghouse Riley (hisownself)

The reasons for buying an Egnater 4100 Tourmaster head were: The great sound, the features, the value for the price, the quality of design and construction, and the looks. The Egnater can produce so many great thick sounds. I am very fussy on getting a great clean sound and the 4100 does it so well. Channel two is the sound I could never find before in any other amplifier from a pushed Marshall or Vox or Fender Deluxe with a warm smooth slight saturated overdrive without raspiness . The continuously variable contour control on each channel lets me get so many different sounds out of each channel.
Channel 3 is my main ranchy rock and roll mainstay and Channel 4 is the ultimate super high gain drive sound that wails. I put a jumper cord between the effects loop send and return to use the effects loop as a footswitchable solo boost on all of the channels. The amount of boost is set depending on where you set the send and return level controls. I have owned so many different brands of amplfiers but the Egnater is by far the best sounding that I have owned and it is definitely a keeper that I am going to enjoy.
Ron Siwicki

Went to GC on lunch and my sales guy said "try this!" i said OK and WOW, THE BEST sound of ANY amp i have played there (and thats around 50 amps since last year) GREAT CLASSIC TUBE Tone from that REBEL 20.. I LOVE it and will be purchasing this amp!!! My god... my Les Paul and this amp sound soooo good together...UNREAL!
Tony, Illinois

Hi Friends at Egnater,
Yesterday my special order Rebel arrived at the Guitar Center in Nashville. I have been playing it with various guitars with humbuckers, single coils and P-90's. Try as I may, I cannot find a bad sound in this amp! The 6V6 side is particularly amazing. I cannot believehow fantastic this amp sounds. I have owned amps that cost three times as much that did not deliver half the tone the Rebel produces. (Bruce must be an Alchemist. There is no other explanation. No box of that modest dimension can contain so much glorious sound!) There is one item to bring to your attention about the tone. As I was playing I kept hearing this odd scratching sound, almost like paper rattling or feet scuffing the floor. The more I would play, the more the sound appeared. Upon investigation I finally found the source. It was the sound of hundreds of
amplifier manufactuers scratching their heads in unison wonder! Way to go Gang! The Rebel is brilliant!
Congratulations on a wonderful amp. I am truly grateful for the tone. It is time for me to stop writing this so you can go and prepare for the avalanche of orders this amp will produce!
Thank you for the gift of this amp.Your hard work is very much appreciated.
Best regards...Brian Diller, Nashville, TN

My wife never liked my guitar sound and after some discussion I expressed what I believed to be the BEST amp ever...EGNATER. She dragged me into Guitar Center to try out the Tourmaster series. After listening to the combo and half stack, she loved the fat full sound of the 4100 Half Stack and purchased it on the spot for me. My 56 Gold Top Reissue never sounded so good. Isn't love grand! I sold all me Fender amps and cabinets. P.S. She found an Egnater product information folder I had from 1995, I guess my wait is over.
Steve, Plymouth MI

I went to Guitar Center on a whim and treid out the Egnater 4100 full-stack. I immediately fell in love with the amp. I had been trying out Marshall's, Peavey's, and Mesa's trying to get "my sound". I plugged in the same model guitar that I usually use, set the EQ's and did some slight tweaks and BAM, there it was. It is the sound that I have been aspiring for. I have now determined that I'm going to trade in my old half-stack and get the Egnater full-stack. I have NEVER felt this good about ANY amp, until now.
Zach Hooper
Visit or

I just wanted to let you know that I recently purchased the Tourmaster 4212 and I couldn't be happier.
What a great amp! I've always played thru a Fender, but not anymore. If someone can't find the tone they're looking for with this amp, then they'll never find it. Keep up the great work!
Jay Finkle


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