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Find the answers you needFrequently Asked Questions

Are there covers that I can buy?
We do offer covers for some of our amps. Please contact for pricing and availability.

Can I purchase replacement casters, covers or pedals?
Yes we stock these for all models. These can be ordered through any of of our store front dealers.

How do I run my MIDI setup with my Tourmaster?
We can supply you with a pinout of the pedal. You will simply need to have a breakout cable made to connect to the relay outputs of your MIDI controlled device to the Tourmaster.

Do all the amps have similar voicings or just more power?
All of our amps are designed by Bruce so they will be similar. However, each is designed with a specific Tone in mind.

What do I do if I need service in the U.S.? Other?
For service in the US complete this form and our Product Service Dept will be in contact with you within the next 24-48 hours. If you fail to hear back from this in time please feel free to call and follow up at 877-EGNATER. For any service outside the United States please direct all concerns to our International Department at

To initiate a customer service or support request with Egnater Amplification you must fill out this customer service request form. Our email servers aggressively filter spam and on occasion email sent directly to our support department are quarantined. This often results in a delay in your request. Once you have lodged your initial request using this form, a customer support representative will attempt to contact you within 24-48 hours. In case of emergency, call 323-277-4119 during business hours (PST).

Note: To contact our support department, you must complete this form here.

How exactly does my warranty work?
Egnater’s warranty is a three year non-transferable warranty for all of the electronics and 90 days for tubes, speakers and pedals.
If I change the tubes will it void the warranty?
No. Tube maintenance is part of owning a tube amplifier. We do recommend that if you do not feel safe and/or do not have a clear understanding of how to do this, please contact Egnater or an Authorized repair station.
Where are you located?
We are located at 3383 Gage Ave, Huntington Park, CA 90255

Can I take this amp to other countries?
Yes. All Egnater amps have a world voltage selector. The Egnater Warranty is only valid in country of purchase.

Does a tube amp need a speaker box connected?
The first rule of amps is to never operate a tube amp without a speaker connected. The only exception in the Egnater line would be the Rebel-30. When using the “Silent Mode”, you do not need to connect the speaker

How do I connect my Extention cabinet to my combo?
All of the Egnater combo amps have MAIN and EXTENSION speaker output jacks. Simply connect your extension speaker to the EXTENSION jack. You will need to change the setting of the impedance switch accordingly. Please consult the owner’s manuals for information.

Does my Rebel 20 need the loop mod?
If you amps Serial number begins with 0708XXXX or 0808XXXX and does not have a handwritten “M” written on the Serial Number sticker then you have an early model with the original design.

If I have more questions who do I contact?
Please contact for more information.

Can I get my Egnater amp modified?
Certainly you can get anything modified. We do not offer a modification service. We prefer to think our products really don’t need to be modified to be great. There are many qualified amp techs all over the world that are certainly capable of performing modifications. Be aware this can and will void your warranty.

Where can I play an Egnater?
Find A Dealer here

Where can I purchase an Egnater T-Shirt?
Please contact

Is there anywhere I can get more information about tube amps?
Please see the “Tech Notes” in the Tech Talk section. There is some very useful information there. The internet has thousands of places to go to learn more.

Are the Egnater amps cathode or fix biased?
All of the models, with the exception of the Tweaker, are fixed/adjustable bias with easy to use test points. Consult the owner’s manuals or contact for information on how to properly adjust the bias. The Tweaker is cathode biased so there is no adjustment required when replacing tubes.

How does the TUBE MIX work and why does the amp get louder with the knob set to around 12:00?
The tube mix works by routing the audio signal to one pair of output tubes, the other pair of output tubes or a mix of the two pairs. All four power tubes are always on and “idling”. You adjust how much of your guitar signal gets routed to each pair of tubes with the TUBE MIX knob. The reason the volume increases slightly at the mid setting is simply because the signal is being routed to all four tubes and the combined output of four tubes is going to be greater than two. This is also the setting where maximum power output is realized.

The WATTS knob on my Rebel 20 sounds “scratchy” when I adjust it. Is this normal?
The circuit design requires a small amount of DC voltage on the control. This can cause the slight “scratchy” sound. This is completely harmless and quite normal.

How many and what type of Tubes are used in the Tweaker?
Click here to download the Tweaker Tube Chart

How many and what type of Tubes are used in the Rebel-20?
Click here to download the Rebel-20 Tube Chart

How many and what type of Tubes are used in the Rebel-30 Head?
Click here to download the Rebel-30 Head Tube Chart

How many and what type of Tubes are used in the Rebel-30 Combos?
Click here to download the Rebel-30 Combos Tube Chart

How many and what type of Tubes are used in the Renegade?
Click here to download the Renegade Tube Chart

How many and what type of Tubes are used in the Tourmaster?
Click here to download the Tourmaster Tube Chart


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