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What does it takes to become an Egnater Endorsed Artist?

Egnater is a young and growing company this allows us works very closely with all of our endorsees. Because of our size and the commitment we make to our endorsees we must be very selective of the endorsement opportunities we embark upon. We generally do not offer full gear endorsements. However bands that we feel will best represent Egnater and our products the best we do have an Artist pricing program. To be considered for this program we ask the following:

  • A complete up to date EPK listing all previous and confirmed upcoming accomplishments, tour dates, accolades etc.
  • An established and managed online community (Website, Facebook, Twitter, ReverbNation, Youtube etc.)
  • At least 10K+ members of your online community
  • A willingness to promote on your official website and online communities.
  • A minimum of 8 shows a month
  • At least support for 1 major national touring act per year and or 2+ regional tours (10+ cities) a year

If you meet the above please complete this form and attach a copy of your EPK as well as any other info you feel you necessary. Once we receive your materials, we will respond as promptly as possible. Most packages can take up to 4 weeks to review. Please be patient.

What you can expect from us — EGNATER OBLIGATIONS
Egnater Amplification shall provide the artist with Egnater products at standard artist pricing. If the gear does not suit the artist's needs, said artist can return any undamaged gear within 30 days of receipt and the endorsement will be null and void. Egnater Amplification will make best effort to promote said artist in catalog and print material as well as print and/or web advertisements.

What we ask of our endorsees — ARTIST OBLIGATIONS
In consideration of products provided by Egnater Amplification, the artist authorizes Egnater Amplification to use their name (and all professional names they have previously used or in the future may adopt), their likeness, and any biographical material they submit in any advertising or publicity campaigns in support of Egnater Amplification. The artist agrees to use your Egnater products during all stage time and in 100% of your marketing efforts. Also as a part of this program the artist shall keep Egnater Amplification updated on major events in your career, changes of address or phone number, and any other information which pertains to you including but not limited to recording and tour schedules, video shoots and television or film appearances. The artist will make available to Egnater Amplification a reasonable number of complimentary passes for each concert performance that Egnater Amplification requests them for; provided that they are given at least seven (7) days written notice of its request and that complimentary passes are available for that particular performance, if available. The artist will also provide Egnater Amplification copies of compact discs, videos, and digital versatile discs, as they are available. The artist will also provide Egnater Amplification with all necessary management contact info.

For our advertising and publicity the artist will agree to supply all necessary biographical information and accompanying photos. After receiving product the artist agrees to supply studio, and or stage photos depicting their use of said product. The artist officially endorses no other brand of amplifier during the term of this agreement. The artist will make their best effort to acknowledge their association with Egnater Amplification in all articles and interviews and credit Egnater Amplification on all packaging for recording, videos, digital versatile discs, books whenever possible, and link Egnater Amplification on your website.
The artist agrees to engage in such promotions that artist deems as reasonable. The artist use best efforts to make self-available for photo sessions. Please make yourself available for, press conferences, industry events and performances at reasonable request in terms of time and place. In requesting your presence for such promotions Egnater Amplification shall provide you with at least a fifteen (15) day notice.


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