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Egnater Tweaker-40 — Independent Magazine and Industry Website Reviews
Egnater Tweaker-40
Egnater Tweaker-40 Rear Controls
Tweaker Australian Guitarist: Each design is created to have what we hope is a unique voice of its own. Our motto is Tone First – that’s what we live for.” Amen to that. The Tweaker has already become a phenomenal success in the USA and we think it’s going to be equally popular here and, beyond any doubt, is worthy of our Gold Award. Read the full review here!
SOS Sound on Sound: Given its boutique sound and tonal flexibility, the Egnater Tweaker has to come close to being the ultimate studio amplifier. For live use, a good overdrive pedal will make up for the lack of a gain footswitch, and you can add effects either via the effects loop or at the mixing stage. The basic sound is excellent, and those three EQ choices really do change the amp's character, to the extent that it's just like having
three different amplifiers. What's more, it costs less than some amp modelling plugins! Read the full review here!
TweakerGuitar World: The Egnater Tweaker combo is a remarkably versatile amp that allows you to customize your tone the way you’ve always wanted it to sound, and do so in mere seconds.
Read the full review here - 1.8mg PDF

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