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Egnater Tweaker-40 — Use These Settings To Begin Your Tone Quest
Egnater Tweaker-40
Egnater Tweaker-40 Rear Controls

The less gain you use, the more defined your tone will be!

  1. Both channels on the TWEAKER-40 are identical. Same gain, same tone, same everything for a seamless transition between sounds.
  2. The suggested settings above are just that ....... SUGGESTIONS. Use these as a starting point to TWEAK from. Turn the knobs. Flip the switches. Get a feel for what each one does. Think of each control as another color. You will be rewarded with a vast pallet of tones to choose from.
  3. When cranking the GAIN, the TIGHT switch is really useful for making the bass tighter and more solid.
  4. The less gain you use, the clearer and more defined your tone will be. Try to find a happy medium between lots of gain (more fun to play) and less gain (cuts through the band better).
  5. When experimenting with the tone controls, be aware that turning the TREBLE up and the BRIGHT switch off sounds very different from turning the TREBLE down and the BRIGHT switch on. Try both ways when tweaking the high end. You will find lower settings on the TREBLE knob result in a bit less mid range.
  6. The BRIGHT switches are tied to the GAIN controls. The higher the gain setting, the less effect the BRIGHT switch will have. You can use this to vary the amount of Brightness. Set the GAIN very low for maximum BRIGHT switch effect. If you want less, just turn the GAIN control up and reduce the MASTER volume accordingly.

Tweaker-40 Tone Settings


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