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Egnater Tourmaster 4100 — Independent Magazine and Industry Website Reviews
Tourmaster 4100
Tourmaster 4100 Rear Controls

GuitarPlayerGuitar Player: “Once you factor in all of the tonal combinations for each channel – from preamp voicings and midrange tweaking to power section options – the Tourmaster is indeed a veritable Swiss Army Knife of tube tone.”
June, 2008
Read the full review here - 1.2mg PDF

GuitarWorldPremier World: “Bruce Egnater’s All-Tube Tourmaster 4100 is a welcome addition to the growing population of do-it all superamps. Players will appreciate the Power Grid’s five power options for each of the four channels and the unique way that this amp’s easily controlled response rewards. Best of all, the Tourmaster’s tonal variety supports any style of music at about half the price of similarly appointed amplifiers.”
Read the full review here - 2.2 mg PDF

GuitarPlayerMix Down Magazine: "The Tourmaster is really an unbelievable amp, it has the best of tone, versatility and design. I highly recommend that if you are in the market for an amp you try one of these out."
Read the full review here - 300K JPG

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