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Egnater Renegade 112 — Independent Magazine and Industry Website Reviews
Renegade 112 reviewed the Renegade: "The Renegade appears so simple on the surface but it’s actually hiding a huge array of tone sculpting options – they’re just so carefully laid out that it never becomes overwhelming. If you can’t find ‘your’ tone in the Renegade, I suggest you give your ears a thorough cleaning." Read the full review here

RenegadeAustralian Guitar magazine: The Egnater Renegade is an extremely versatile amp, offering up a wide variety of usable tone. Because of its independent channels and tube mix feature it really is two amps in one. Considering the amount of features packed into this little amp, and the price range this amp falls into, the Egnater Renegade is an amazing amplifier. Read the full review here
RenegadeGuitar Player's Editor's Pick: The Renegade has a lot going for it, and in terms of bang-for-the- buck, it’s a tough act to follow. Read the full review here
RenegadeGuitarWorldGuitar World: "If you want a versatile gigging amp that you can tweak to your discriminating tastes, and you don’t want to empty out your bank account, the Egnater Renegade will rock your world. Going rogue never sounded so good, nor has it been so affordable."
Read the full review here - 500K PDF

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