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Egnater Rebel-30 112 — Independent Magazine and Industry Website Reviews
Rebel-30 112
Music website reviews the Rebel-30 112: The Rebel 30 is one of those rare amplifier designs that simply cannot be made to sound bad, no matter how hard you try. Easily portable, capable of turning out great results in the studio and small to medium gigs, it's already a major hit in the USA and we think that it's destined for great things over here too.
Read the full online review here The Rebel-30 passed my "no reverb test" with flying colors (the amp must sound good without any reverb)—a test that even some boutique amps fail. Both clean and lead channels on the Egnater have a sonic depth that makes reverb an option rather than a necessity. Read the full review here! 400K PDF
GuitarPlayerGuitar Player: "The Rebel-30’s distinctive sound approaches that of boutique products costing significantly more. It presents a full-bodied clean tone with abundant headroom, and while not a gain mon- ster, it provides all the dirt you need for any- thing short of metal. Compact, well thought out, and equipped with lots of great features, the Rebel-30 could be exactly the mid-powered gig/session amp you’ve been looking for.
Read the full review here - 300K PDF

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