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Egnater Rebel-30 112 — 30-watt All-Tube 1x12" Combo
Rebel-30 112 Rebel-30 112 Rear Controls
Click on the Rebel-30 112 to magnify

Rebel-30 112 is an extension of the award-winning Rebel-20 head, adding a whole new level of flexibility and tone-shaping power. This 1x12”30-watt all-tube, 2-channel combo features Egnater’s unique TUBE MIX knob, giving you access to an incredible variety of tones, from American to British and all points in between. Channel 1 delivers rich cleans with controls for volume, treble and bass. Channel 2 dishes out powerful, touch-responsive overdrive with treble, middle and bass EQ, as well as a wide-range gain knob that takes you from growl to scream. Both channels feature Egnater’s signature BRIGHT and TIGHT switches and each channel has its own WATTS knob so you can access both low-wattage crunch and serious clean headroom, or any combination you choose.

The REBEL-30 112’s specially designed and easily accessible back panel holds more welcome surprises, such as independent REVERB controls for each channel and a tone-preserving series effects loop. A speaker-emulated line out lets you go directly to the board live or in the studio. Set the standby switch to ‘Silent Record’ for great direct-recorded tones that spare both your ears and your neighbors. And the easy-access chassis makes swapping tubes quick and painless. A dual-function footswitch for channel selection and reverb on/off is included. The Rebel-30 1x12” combo has the same dimensions as the Rebel-112x cab. Combine them for a perfect mini-stack.


Rebel-30 Tube Mix
Blend American and British tone in real
time with the twist of a knob.

Silent Record
Egnater’s innovative and natural sounding direct record output delivers every ounce of Rebel-30 all-tube tone without the need of a microphone or speaker. The balanced XLR output is wired after the power amp so every control including the tube mix, wattage control, plus tight and bright switches are always engaged. Use this XLR output to replace microphones during live stage use or set to Silent mode and record at full power in your bedroom or studio without waking up the neighbors.

Designed with the player in mind, the back panel of the Rebel-30 112 are
rear-facing for easy access. The user-friendly chassis allows you to quickly and
painlessly swap tubes without having to remove the electronic chassis.


Rebel-30 112 Features and Information
  • 30-Watt 1x12" All-Tube Combo
  • Custom Voiced Egnater Celestion™
    Elite-80 Speaker
  • Premium Tubes:
    • 2 x 6V6
    • 2 x EL84
    • 5 x 12AX7
  • Clean Channel:
    • Volume, Bass, Treble
    • Variable Wattage
    • Control from 1w to 30w
    • Tight and Bright
    • Voicing Switches
  • Overdrive Channel:
    • Volume, Gain, 3-Band EQ
    • Variable Wattage
    • Control from 1w to 30w
    • Tight and Bright
    • Voicing Switches
  • Tube Mix Blends 6V6 and
    EL84 Power Tubes
  • Individual Reverb on Each
    Channel with “Spillover”
  • XLR Direct Record Output with Play and Silent Recording Mode
  • Buffered Effects Loop
  • Footswitch for Channel
    Select and Reverb On/Off
  • Birch Plywood Construction
  • Heavy Duty Casters &
    Side Handles
    (Rebel-30 2x12”)
  • 100V/115V/230V Voltage Selector
  • Rugged Cover/Carry Bag Included
  • Dimensions: 18.75" (L) x 12.25" (W) x 14.75" (H)
  • Weight: 50lbs

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