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Egnater Rebel-20 — Independent Magazine and Industry Website Reviews
Rebel-20 Head
Rebel-20 Rear Controls

Rebel20GuitarWorldGuitar World: "The only things small about the Rebel-20 are its size and price. Thanks to the 112X cabinet’s closed back and the amp’s surprisingly loud output, it sounds and even feels identical to many 50- and 100-watt 4x12 stack amps when you close your eyes (or more importantly, place a mic in front of it in the studio) only it’s not quite as loud. With two cabinets it’s more than loud enough to gig with, especially if you mic the amp through a PA."
Read the full review here - 2.5mg PDF

PremierGuitarPremier Guitar: "Like Egnater’s ideas, the quality is also first class—it’s built like a little tiny tank—and his team has earned a reputation for taking care of their customers and their business. Unless you’re a one-amplifier kind of player, and you love that one above all others, it’s very difficult for me to see any reason why you wouldn’t go for one of these. This is paradigm-changing gear."
Read the full review here - 0.5mg PDF

GuitarPlayerGuitar Player: "The Rebel-20 is, in a word, awesome. If you can hang with a single-channel amp, then you get a fabulously diverse tone machine with enough oomph to handle studio and small-club dates, and enough grit to survive the rigors of real-world gigging life. I’ve had the Rebels for two months, and I’m still discovering subtle variations of tone, and every sound I find kicks ass in one applica- tion or another. This is precisely the type of product that our Editors’ Pick Award was meant to honor."
Read the full review here - 0.8 mg PDF
VintageGuitarVintage Guitar: "All told, the rebel 20 is an amp that generates exciting guitar tones and brings you back for more. there’s a connection between good tone and good playing, and this amp is proof that good tone makes you want to come back again and again. Add to that an almost shockingly low street price and, no two ways about it, Egnater has hit a home run here."
Read the full review here - 0.3mg PDF

AustralianGuitarAustralian Guitar:"This amp is deceptive - it’s a whole lot of power and tone in a really small package. A lot of the competing products in this area are not much more than valve practice amps, unsuitable for gigging with, but the Rebel is LOUD and sounds KILLER. We would be more than happy to take this baby on the road, use it for recording, or confine it to the bedroom for some serious low- volume rocking out."
Read the full review here - 4.3mg PDF


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