The Armageddon is a 120 watt, three-channel, fully MIDI capable, metal amp with the ISP Decimatorâ„¢ built-in. Four premium 6L6 power tubes and six hand-selected 12AX7 pre-amp tubes fuel this goliath.

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"Bruce and your team will go down in history, until now I have yet to be blown away in the world of tone, I wish nothin' but success for Egnater ... It's almost as if you read my mind when Renegade was born. I've owned two Mesas and one Marshall, to me, your the next legend of amp makers ... Tight on the budget but i want to get the Tweaker-88, Armageddon ... Congrats on everything and for giving me a reason to not put my guitar down."
Egnater customer Chad Vaccaro sent via email